Moroccan Muslim Claims Border Patrol Denied Her Entry from Canada for Religion


A Moroccan-Muslim immigrant living in Canada, said she was denied entrance in the United States last Saturday by Border agents.

Fadwa Alaoui claims that the Border Agents refused to let her in because of videos they found on her cell phone of Muslims praying.

CBC reported that she said she was humiliated for no reason.

“I felt humiliated, treated as if I was less than nothing. It’s as if I wasn’t Canadian,” Alaoui told CBC News Wednesday.

Her claim is that her interrogation was religion-based. The interviewer asked her if that was the case:

“Yes, exactly. After that they came and interviewed us one by one. The first question he told me: You are Muslim, right? I responded, yes. He told me: Do you practise? I told him yes. He told me: Which mosque do you go? So I started to explain the mosque where I go. What is the name of the imam? Where do you pray? Where do the women pray? Does the imam come talk to you directly? What is the speech the imam gave? What is the frequency that you go to the mosque?”

She claimed she was asked her opinion about Donald Trump.

“Yes. He asked me: What do you think about Donald Trump? I told him, what? He told me: [What’s] your opinion about his policy. I told him, listen, he has the right to do whatever he wants in his country. I don’t expect that. I’m not following the news. I’m not following what happened. I have a busy life. I have busy schedule with my son, with all these appointments at the hospital, with my kids.”

She was traveling with her young son who recently finished cancer treatments.

They either didn’t find prayers, it was something more insidious, or it didn’t happen.

There is no way Border Patrol would deny entry to a woman because she is Muslim.

The CBC is corrupt. They have recently reported the they will no longer report sex crimes committed by Muslims.

Expect a lot of this BS.

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