Morsi, Army Commander Will Die for Egypt If Necessary


al-Sisi and Morsi Photo of al-Sisi and Morsi

In a long, rambling midnight speech, Morsi and his Brotherhood members have pledged to die for the cause. The army chiefs under al-Sisi have also pledged to die to restore order.

Morsi will not respond to opponents in accordance with the army ultimatum. Instead, Morsi demanded the army withdraw their ultimatum which expires in about 4 hours.

Morsi said that he is the democratically-elected president and will stay in office to uphold his constitution as “the price of preserving legitimacy in my life.”

Liberal opponents say it shows “he has lost his mind.”

Speaking of losing his mind, Obama doesn’t know whether he should intervene or not. Egyptians already hate us for our interference.

The army plans to remove Morsi and then set up a three-member presidential council to be chaired by the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

A military source said he expected the army to first call political, social and economic figures and youth activists for talks on its draft roadmap for the country’s future.

Again, Obama will be on the wrong side of things.

Full story at Reuters

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