Morsi Won’t Go As Deadline Passes, Someone Will Make the First Move


fireworks over Tahrir Square

Photo of fireworks over Tahrir Square

Morsi has refused to step down and told the military not to take sides even as the military leaders met with opposition figures and religious leaders to develop a “road map” for political reform. The military said that Morsi is using the Brotherhood and his position to takeover the country. Morsi claims that he was elected by the will of the people and cannot be removed but the military said he has forfeited that support with his poor performance.

Morsi declared in his address last evening, “I am the president of Egypt. There is no substitute for legitimacy, no alternative.”

Morsi has told the Brotherhood to prepare a defense. He is almost ensuring violence and the possibility of a civil war. The military, while not Jeffersonian, will attempt to restore order peacefully.

Twenty percent of Egypt’s population have turned out onto the streets to demand Mohammed Morsi step down on Wednesday. The protest in Egypt is a rejection of Islamic rule. It is a rejection of the Brotherhood’s economics.  The protests are being led by students and youth.

President Morsi was given 48 hours to develop his own plan to resolve the crisis by the military. The deadline passed at eleven o’clock EST.

The Obama administration is partly to blame for the situation in Egypt. He has given aid to Morsi unconditionally. He has given him full support over objections from Congress.

Morsi got the message – US aid is unconditional and he can do anything he wants. Obama has actually told the Egyptian military that the US will withdraw all aid if they implement a coup.

President Morsi has offered not one economic or political reform during his presidency and the people are sick of it. The Brotherhood have done a poor job of running the country. Their GDP has plummeted, there are gas and fuel shortages, and tourism has flat-lined.

The people in Cairo hoped that President Morsi would be escorted out of office by the military at the deadline. They trust the military whom they believe will step in and support the people as they have in the past.

The military moved troops into the state-sponsored TV station and into other key locations earlier this morning.

Massive waves of anti-American protests are filling the streets because they see the Obama administration as supportive of Morsi and it is.

anti-American Photo of anti-Patterson protester

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