Most Corrupt Member of Congress – Tim Bishop – Is Attacking Soldiers Again


About a dozen Stony Brook University students and adults (photo below) protested Lt. Col. Allen West, Major Lee Zeldin and Lt. Col. Steve Russell (who helped capture Saddam Hussein) at a VFW hall on Monday. All three are American heroes willing to lay down their lives for you and me.

The protest was announced by Congressman Tim Bishop in an email. Senator Zeldin is Bishop’s opponent in the upcoming congressional race.

Bishop's college kids

It isn’t the first time Bishop’s followers have done something like this to help out his campaign. In May the DNCC disgracefully attacked Iraqi war veteran Lee Zeldin as a cowardly lion.

Bishop never served.

People who think Bishop is a supporter of the military should know that he will arrange for funds to paint VFW halls but he often won’t vote to fund our military in the field.

Tim Bishop, who is under investigation, has been labeled the Most Corrupt Member of Congress by CREW for a pay-for-play scheme. He also had a significant role in running Southampton College into the ground using the same policies he now espouses as a congressman. His family has benefitted from his role as Provost of Southampton College and as a congressman. He likes to hire family. Long Island is his pot of gold.

Bishop sent out a desperate call to his followers to join the protest at Senator Lee Zeldin’s campaign kickoff with a mailer attacking Lt. Col. West, a man who served our country honorably. He mustered up 12-13 people.

Since the students were all from Stony Brook and since, according to one report, it was a credit-earning project, do the professors run field trips against liberals in the interest of fair and balanced instruction?

I originally heard through my sources that Bishop was going to send open borders people but they settled for attacking Senator Zeldin as anti-woman. Senator/Major Zeldin is a loving husband and father of two girls who is very supportive of women and their rights.

The Democrats like the War on Women in part because they want to push Hillary as the first female president. They believe that since Mr. Obama is historic in that he is the first black president, they can now do the same with a woman.

One of the women protesters, in the photo below, kept hiding her face, but my camera caught her in the one second she held her sign up.

SS is not slavery

All the Bishop signs were stenciled with the same stencil and looked like they came off an assembly line. Many nonsensical talking points were represented. Nothing grass roots about their protest.


Two of the Bishop-ites didn’t have a problem with socialism but when asked if they preferred freedom or big government, they said freedom. They’re confused.

One of the young women didn’t know the primary was the next day or who it was for.

Bishop’s useful protesters were greatly outnumbered by people on the other side who came by word of mouth to support Senator Zeldin.


One Bishop supporter had a no tea party sign. An overwhelming number of pro-Zeldin people who came to the event were veterans. This really was a day for our soldiers.

Bishop is trying to paint Senator Zeldin as a tea party radical which he is not. Truth doesn’t matter to Tim and he certainly can’t run on his record of voting for Obamacare, IPAB , every benefit imaginable for illegal immigrants, and all things Obama.

Listen to this traditional American who has been demonized by the far-left, especially Tim Bishop:

Senator/Major Lee Zeldin, not a radical, an honest American:

Lt. Col. Steven Russell:

One of our involved citizens singing America the Beautiful:

Is she a radical too for singing America the Beautiful? To the far left she is.


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