Most Odious! Dr. Carson Is Keeping a Slightly Redefined Social Engineering Housing Rule


The Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) is an Obama-era rule that forces low income projects housing Democrat voters into the suburbs to change the make-up of these traditional Republican strongholds.

We’ve discussed this social engineering project extensively and won’t expound too much here but you  can get some links and info here and here. It’s clearly totalitarianism at work yet Dr. Ben Carson has not eliminated it and won’t. It is one of Obama’s most damaging rules and he has bought into it.

There is no representation by the public in this. The government is just doing it. Suburbanites get no say.

Now mind you, I have a lot of minorities living around me in my suburb. They escaped the hellholes of the liberal cities so don’t say it’s racist to not want projects in my town. It’s not!

Under the AFFH, HUD uses maps to determine where the whites live and then they force people they say are minorities, including illegal immigrants, into those neighborhoods if they have taken any Federal funds/grants/anything.

They misuse the concept of ‘disparate impact’ which is affirmative action for housing.

Everyone knows how unsuccessful projects are and that’s what HUD wants for the suburbs. They want to get rid of the “racist” suburbs so we can all live on the government plantations.

Check out how successful it has been in Dubuque, Iowa.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Ben Carson plans to “reinterpret” the rule instead of abolishing it. Rather than categorically rejecting this as a federal administrative legislation of arbitrary “equality,” Carson said he supports the underlying goal of the program, but that he wants to reinterpret the rule to reduce manipulation and cost.

He originally promised to reverse it. Even when Progressives are out of office, they win.


  • Until we see what he actually comes up with, I choose to keep my trust in Dr. Carson. He perceives things with more depth and dimensions than most people are capable of seeing.