Most of Obama’s 13 “Emergencies” Still in Effect, Focus on Distant Nations


Why is there such an uproar at the mere mention of President Trump, because of deteriorating conditions along our Southern Border, declaring a National Emergency?  

Another caravan of illegal aliens, harboring proven criminals, is making the trek north.  It will only add to those innocents already suffering at the hands of greedy drug cartels and coyotes, and by extension make worse the humanitarian crises exploding on both sides of the US, Mexico boundary.  

The case for walls/fences/physical barriers has been repeatedly made by courageous federal agents serving in dangerous parts of Texas and Arizona.  In addition, 72,000 Americans died from overdoses in 2017, 66% caused by opioids, with many of the drugs coming from Mexico.  

Yet the chattering classes, almost all of whom remain wholly unaffected by this turmoil, rise in anger whenever our Commander in Chief floats an option used by his predecessor some 13 times!  That’s right! Actually, given the number of “National Emergencies” declared by President Obama, vs. the number proclaimed by President Trump, Barack presently boasts a 13-0 lead.  


And that’s not all. Ten of those remain in effect with eight aimed at benefitting people living in other countries on distant continents.  Those nations are Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Sudan, Central African Republic, Venezuela, and Burundi.  

Virtually every one of those Obama proclamations began with something to the effect of, “Blocking Property of Certain Persons…..” who were a threat to folks living in the above-mentioned lands.   

In an effort to show the United States would financially cripple those aiding and abetting criminal activities against innocent populations, the decrees went breezily through Congress. 

Yet, just a few years later, Democrat’s complete resistance to our own border agents’ pleas for physical barriers, make them appear unserious about cutting off or even limiting blood money pouring into the pockets of transnational gangs, smugglers, kidnappers, and drug dealers.  

Dems were thrilled to be “Blocking Property of Persons….” threatening those living in distant lands but seem content for political purposes, to allow business to boom for thousands of thugs making lives dangerous for our fellow Americans.  

It’s a sick irony and viewed in that context….absolutely outrageous.    

Maybe it’s a point President Trump can begin to make, if and when he moves towards declaring a National Emergency.  


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