Most Transparent White House Ever Will Remove Itself From FOIA Requests


Obama shh

When Barack Obama took office, he said that “transparency and the rule of law will be touchstones of this administration. Neither is true.

The White House announced Monday that it will delete its FOIA regulations.

In 2009, the White House sent a memo to all government agencies advising them that all FOIA requests that involved “White House equities” must be passed by the White House lawyers. They have delayed and blocked all FOIA requests of every agency and the White House.

Now, the most transparent White House ever is officially removing the federal regulation that subjects them to the FOIA.

They are cleaning up the regulations, they claim.

Court rulings have found that the office of the presidency is not subject to the law so they will get away with it.

The move came on National Freedom of Information Day and during Sunshine Week. It’s the week when media and watchdog groups focus on government transparency.

The AP and Congress have been suing for documents and making FOIA requests, this is their answer.

The most transparent administration ever, yes sir!

USA Today