Mother of All Clown Shows Followed by Donald Trump Winning Again


The Democrat debates #1 and #2 were clown shows #1 and #2. Last night, NBC got all ten candidates to admit they are going to give free healthcare to all illegal aliens. That’s a winner right there.

While they are making a case for socialism, the President is showing what capitalism can do.

The Best Stock Market in 80 Years

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up more than 73 points Friday, putting a close to a successful June. Nothing like this has been seen for 80 years, since before World War II.

The Dow closed at just under 26,600, according to CNBC.

Friday’s gains were moderate but the month was outstanding.

While the Democrats have decided to run on socialism, capitalism is doing great, thank you. How ironic.

Capitalism has given the largest number of people the best standard of living of any nation at any time in history.

The absurd anti-American ideas promoted by the Democrats during the debates will ruin all of this success. They are actually running on that. They are turning some of their followers off.

President Trump at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

By way of contrast, President Donald Trump spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual “Road to the Majority” conference in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

While Democrats are looking to corrupt the courts, he’s appointing judges, 144 so far, who follow the Constitution.

“Democrats are determined to pack the courts with radical left judges who will impose their own far-left views on the American people,” the President said.

While Democrats think it’s okay to abort a child to the moment of birth for any reason, the president is the only force fighting back the abortionists. “We’re proudly defending the sanctity of life.”

Democrats are trying to push God out of the public square, but not so the President.

About freedom of religion, he said, “Americans’ belief in God has forged the character of our country and made our nation a light unto the world.”

CBS News took the President’s moving speech and turned it into misleading article, headlined, Trump jokes about penalizing pastors who oppose him at faith conference — live updates.

President Trump offers common sense and American values.

Barack Obama worked hard for eight years trying to convince us our values were Marxist. The Democrats are continuing that mantra. Whatever people perceive as the President’s faults, the alternative is one of the clowns at this week’s dumpster fire debates, propped up by their dishonest media allies.

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