Mother of Girl Murdered by MS-13 Killed by a Van After Confrontation – Updated


Update: 9/17/18: According to Rep. King on Fox News Sunday, the driver of the vehicle in question tore down the memorial at the location of Evelyn Rodriguez’s daughter’s murder, with bats and machetes two years before. The memorial was set up for an evening vigil in her memory and in memory of another girl killed at the same spot a day before.

The driver tore down the temporary memorial, including a picture of Evelyn’s daughter, and put everything in her trunk. Mrs. Rodriguez wanted the picture back and the woman wouldn’t give it to her. An argument ensued, a man with Evelyn hit the woman’s car. Shortly after, the driver accelerated and ran Mrs. Rodriguez down. Homicide is investigating. MS-13 has been ruled out, but police are currently trying to determine if the driver committed the act intentionally.


The mother of a Brentwood teenager who was brutally murdered by MS-13 was killed Friday after she was run over by a driver during a confrontation just before a candlelight vigil honoring her daughter’s memory.

Evelyn Rodriguez was honored by the President at the State of the Union Address.

This is an absolutely awful story.


The incident occurred exactly two years after Nisa Mickens, 15, and Kayla Cuevas, 16, were beaten, stabbed, and macheted to death in the exact location, one day apart.

News 12 was on site before the incident to cover a candlelight vigil planned for the evening. The news outlet was told that a memorial to the two girls was set up in front of a home when a homeowner came out and dismantled it.

Reportedly, the driver of the van attempted to drive off with the memorial items and ended up driving over Evelyn Rodriguez.

The driver remained in the location and called 911. While the driver was not arrested, an investigation is ongoing. It is not yet known if it was deliberate.

Evelyn Rodriguez and a man were seen confronting a female driver in an SUV and News 12 began rolling the cameras. It appeared that Rodriguez and the man were yelling at the driver. The man is seen pushing the car.

It was then that the car accelerated and ran over Evelyn Rodriguez. Perhaps the driver was afraid.

Police say Evelyn Rodriguez was transported to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, where she was pronounced dead.

Rep. Peter King, who had been working with Rodriguez on a campaign ad, told News 12 that her death is “almost too tragic to be real.”

Rep. King lauded Rodriguez as an advocate against gang violence in the community.

News 12 removed the video of the “accident”.


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