Movement to Destroy the Republic Progresses in Arizona!



Make no mistake, there is a plan that will destroy the Republic and the electoral college. It could become reality and it’s called the National Popular Vote. No one is talking about it.

The National Popular Vote is being touted again and quite a few states have signed on. It’s very dangerous and it’s a way to circumvent the constitution and change our Republic into a pure Democracy. Proponents of pure Democracy make the claim that every vote will count but in actuality it will eliminate the safeguard of state involvement.

Arizona is the next state considering the bill to reallocate the state’s 11 electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the majority of votes on a national scale rather than the candidate who wins the state.

The legislation is part of a nationwide push called the National Popular Vote plan, an effort to create an agreement among states that vow to automatically elect the president of the United States using the national popular vote instead of the final vote count in each respective state.

There is a problem with only 12 states picking the president but that is not cured by making us into a chaotic Democratic Socialist country.

New York is one of those states where only Liberal votes count for the Presidential/Vice Presidential election but that could be cured by making it a state that apportions delegates instead of all-or-nothing.

The following comes from the Daily Signal.

Robert Hathorne, a Republican activist residing in Arizona, warns that the initiative would “fundamentally change America” by shifting the national political system from a representative democracy to a pure democracy.

“Majority rules was the greatest fear of our Founding Fathers; this is why ‘democracy’ is not written one time in the 4,543 words of the Constitution,” Hathorne told The Daily Signal.

The framers of the Constitution established the Electoral College to give smaller states a voice against larger states when selecting the nation’s leader. Electoral votes are delegated based on a state’s population. Rhode Island, for example, has four electoral votes, while California has 55.

A presidential candidate currently needs a majority of 270 of the Electoral College’s 538 votes to win the White House.

Go to the Daily Signal for more information.

Many Republicans are on board which should tell you the state of our Republican party today.

It breaches the constitution and would likely end up in the Supreme Court but there is no guarantee they will vote for the constitution in this case.

While the line supporters try to feed people is it’s giving every one a vote, it actually gives fewer people a vote.

It sets up a Banana Republic style electoral process.

I don’t agree with Mitch McConnell on much but do agree with him on this. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell addressed the issue by calling it “the most important issue in America that nobody is talking about.” He warned that the National Popular Vote Compact movement is “getting dangerously close to achieving their goal of eliminating the Electoral College without actually amending the Constitution — without anybody even noticing, unfortunately, what they’re up to.”

“Trampling on Our Constitution” seems to be the latest trend by everyone who took an Oath to “uphold” it!!!

It’s a scam and do you know who is behind it? George Soros’ son Jonathan Soros and his shady businessmen friends are the originators. That should be the deal killer. It’s a Trojan Horse.

Watch if you care. Grab a beer and sit back. This is worth the time and it’s dry material.