Moving! Oak Ridge Boys to Fulfill a Promise to George H.W.


The Oak Ridge Boys kept a suit and tie with them on tour for many long months to fulfill the promise they made to their friend, George H.W. Bush. They were ready to drop everything and travel to sing at his funeral and they have.

The group is in Houston with his family to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ and somewhere George H.W. is listening. Reba McEntire will sing ‘The Lords Prayer’. The songs speak to the humbleness of the man and the group was his favorite.

“It’s what you do for friends,” they said.

They knew each other since the 1980s and that’s when they first performed for him.

“We were doing soundcheck and here came this long and lanky guy with a bag over his shoulder running toward the stage from the White House,” Allen recalled. “He said, “I’m a huge country music fan and you’re my favorite group. Is there any way you can do some songs for me?’”

Bush requested little-known album cuts, which the Oak Ridge Boys gladly played for him. And, he presented the group with vice presidential T-shirts from the bag he carried from the White House.

That was the beginning of their friendship. “President Bush means so much to us,” said The Oak Ridge Boys’ Richard Sterban.


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