Mr. Ford Says His Wife Wanted to Move Out of the Country


Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser still hasn’t released the original letter detailing the alleged sexual assault. It’s currently in the hands of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Some of the alleged facts in Mrs. Blasey Ford’s letter are evolving very dramatically, but we still can’t see the letter.

According to The Washington Post, her husband Russell Ford says she moved 3,000 miles away from Maryland to escape the memory of the alleged groping incident by Judge Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh fervently denies any of this ever happened as do the two named witnesses.

Mr. Ford said she wanted to move out of the country over the alleged groping incident.

He said that suddenly living in California didn’t seem far enough for his wife when he became the nominee. Maybe another hemisphere would be. Ms. Blasey went online to research other democracies where her family might settle, including New Zealand, WaPo reported.

“She was like, ‘I can’t deal with this. If he becomes the nominee, then I’m moving to another country. I cannot live in this country if he’s in the Supreme Court,’ ” her husband said. “She wanted out.”

Jeff Bezos’ paper failed to mention she didn’t say a word until 2012, 30 years after the alleged event.

The article was a hit piece against Judge Kavanaugh and Republicans. It made her into a victim of Republicans for the death threats she is receiving. She recently moved out of her house with her family and she blames Republicans for that too, even though Senator Feinstein is the one who released the letter, allegedly against the wishes of Ms. Blasey.

Blasey claims she didn’t want her name released but she took a polygraph and hired a far-left activist lawyer in August. Her advisor is Ricki Seidman who specializes in destroying Republican nominees to the Supreme Court.

The article doesn’t mention that Judge Kavanaugh is experiencing the same kind of threats and hasn’t moved out of his home.

She claimed her college career was derailed because of the event.

As their relationship deepened, Blasey told her husband that she’d been physically abused years earlier. He would learn the specifics of the event, including Kavanaugh’s name, during a couple’s therapy session years later [in 2012]. But then, he just listened.

None of that was mentioned in the therapist’s notes which didn’t match her story and which were cherry-picked.

This sounds like pure spin. We have to call it as we see it.

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3 years ago

Considering that the deep state is now involved, expect the events that are alleged to have occurred 36 years ago to suddenly come to light pursuant to the script being written as I type this comment.

As for little Chrissy wanting to leave the country, I recall more than half of Hollywood saying that if Donald Trump won the election they were leaving. Grain of salt.

Suzanne J Winn
Suzanne J Winn
3 years ago
Reply to  bydesign001

pack your bags, witch

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

This a typical victimhood script written straight out of Hollywood, get ready for the tear jerking sobbing journalists crying into the microphones telling how terrified she is of the Judge if he gains a seat in the Supreme Court.