Mr. John O. Brennan, Leaker, Liar, Spy with Top Secret Security Clearance


In an op-ed for Breitbart, Senator Rand Paul continued to make the case for removing John O. Brennan’s security clearance. [Since being a commie didn’t do it]

If it isn’t enough that he has called the President “treasonous” and encouraged the intelligence community to “rise up” against him, then perhaps his leaking is.

In 2012, Brennan put one of our double agents in grave danger, as Senator Rand Paul reminds us.

Sen. Paul writes:

In 2012, John Brennan leaked information to former counter-terrorism officials, who retained a security clearance, about an underwear bomb-making plot in Yemen.

Brennan revealed to these former officials — turned talking heads — that the underwear bomb plot never threatened the U.S. “because Washington had ‘inside control’ over it,” according to Reuters.

After Brennan’s briefing, one of the call’s participants, Richard Clarke, went on ABC and broadcast that the government implied that there was a Western spy inside the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula bomb-making group.

John Brennan’s careless leak to former intelligence officials turned television commentators helped compromise an operation and risk the life of a double agent, and who knows what other objectives it also hindered or outright prevented. This is exactly why former intelligence officials who are now talking heads on television should not continue to have a security clearance.

As the senator concludes, it is dangerous to let former officials, partisans like this, maintain their security clearances.

Brennan also surveilled the media.


The Obama administration was notorious for bullying, infiltrating, cajoling and threatening the press. It had a chilling effect on journalism.

At the same time, John O. Brennan surveilled journalists.

Politico described the Obama administration’s death grip on the complaint media as “transformational”. One might conclude, he still has that control.


Brennan denied spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee at first and he did so under oath. When it became clear the spying did take place, Brennan apologized, blaming it on rogue staffers.

There were some who called for his resignation but he was and is a close advisor to the former president Barack Obama. He wasn’t leaving.


Brennan is behind the 2016 leak of the hacking information. The Guardian confirmed he also conspired with foreign intelligence against Donald Trump to kickstart the Russia-Trump collusion plot.

Brennan enlisted foreign powers in his scheme and the British were the first to come through thanks to a goofy “tip” out of Estonia. “Tip” is in quotes because it was an outlandish accusation that Trump was colluding with Putin. It was invented out of whole cloth by an official who was afraid Trump would abandon NATO, putting Estonia in the hands of Putin.

The European countries that passed on electronic intelligence aimed at Trump’s team – known as sigint – included Germany, Estonia and Poland. Australia, a member of the “Five Eyes” spying alliance that also includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, also relayed material, one source told the newspaper.

IN CONCLUSION, why does Brennan or any of the others like him have Top Secret security clearance?

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