Mr. Obama, Over Everyones’ Dead Bodies


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Now we are faced with Syrians willing to serve themselves up as human shields because they say they prefer Assad to Islamic rule, which they say Mr. Obama supports. It sounds very suspicious but the people being taped insist they are just the average Syrians, not involved with the government, and are acting of their own free will.

They have a group called ‘Over Our Bodies’ and it is growing by the day with people who want to become human shields in Syria on behalf of their country should the US attack.

Syrians do not want to be taken over by radical Islamists, that much is true. Becoming an Islamic state is a worst fate to them than being led by the butcher Assad. Interviews and polls conducted in Syria point to that being the case.

Syria has been a mostly secular nation and for decades, perhaps because of the horrors committed by Assad Sr. and Assad Jr., the various factions have lived together relatively peacefully.

Allegedly, this group – Over Our Bodies – will support Assad over Obama and his Al Qaeda allies, however, can we be sure the government has not put these people up to it? It has been widely reported that Assad has been moving and storing weapons in hospitals, schools, and other facilities where innocents would be killed should a strike occur.

No matter what the case, after a limited US strike, the US will be called jihadis and murderers by many. The Syrian opposition is believed to have as many as 50% Al Qaeda members. Al Qaeda forces have taken over huge swaths of land around the border of Turkey and elsewhere. Syria risks becoming a divided and/or failed state.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama does not have the votes in Congress to move ahead. As of yesterday, only 44 support the action while 177 remain undecided in the House. [Huff Po]

John McCain was hammered at a Town Hall by his constituents who do not want to go to war. They want us to help ourselves instead. McCain seemed taken aback.

The military has had to change their plans 50 times to deal with the delays and ever-changing focus. The military has said there is no plan. [Fox News]. The NY Times reported Friday that air support will also be used in what is considered an expansion due to changes on the ground, but there will be no boots on the ground. However, a Pentagon report says that should Assad be defeated, it would take 75,000 ground troops to secure his arsenal.

Mr. Obama is being pressured to not strike by the attendees of the G-20 Summit. Mr. Obama’s support makes Bush’s look like the League of Nations according to Jake Tapper (on his show on CNN Thursday).

Mr. Obama not only couldn’t build a coalition, he can’t get any support except from Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and France only if our Congress supports the action.

Perhaps that will be enough for him to move ahead without Congress, but if he does, there will be calls for impeachment.

Check out Peggy Noonan’s editorial in the WSJ Friday. Her article, titled, Why America is Saying ‘No, ‘Syria and Obama: Wrong time, wrong place, wrong plan, wrong man, is worth the time to read.


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