Mr. Obama’s “Serious Crisis Avoidance Management Strategy” (SCAMS)


Who says President Obama has no policy regarding the difficult problems facing our nation?  That’s not so.  It’s just his policy  focuses on using distractions to avoid dealing with America’s most troubling issues.  Let’s call this plan the president’s “Serious Crisis Avoidance Management Strategy”, a.k.a. Obama’s SCAMS.

Have an ineffectual “Stimulus Program” and sluggish recovery?  Introduce  a sweeping, controversial, national healthcare plan.  When ObamaCare, despite all efforts remains unpopular, begin attributing dissent to racism.

The promises of plunging unemployment and 500,000 new jobs monthly during the “Summer of Recovery” miss their wildly optimistic mark?  Blame George Bush, and keep blaming him for the litany of Obama/Biden broken pledges.

Running into a fourth year of anemic economic growth?  Hey,  Mitt Romney crated his dog on top of the family station wagon, and could be a felon.  Then, there’s that poor woman who died because her cancer went unchecked….due to a lack of Bain-provided health insurance.

National Debt hits $16 Trillion?  How about that GOP War on Women.  Ladies need free contraception!  Just ask struggling, working girls like Sandra Fluke, Eva Longoria, and Caroline Kennedy.

A U.S. Ambassador and 3 other Americans are murdered after multiple requests for improved security were ignored?  Check out an obscure, internet video mocking Muhammad.

Fail to send military help while our four, fellow countrymen were being slaughtered? Throw the offending filmmaker in jail, and air a “Muslin outreach” apology tape featuring Secretary Clinton and Commander In Chief Obama.

The Arab Spring turns violently anti-American?  See above:  Trot out the blasphemous video, it’s jailed producer/director, and the Clinton/Obama mea culpa response.

Iran closing in on nukes and North Korea defiantly firing a multistage rocket?  Let’s talk about Gay Marriage.

Steadily rising unemployment?  Saturate the news cycle with endless stories on “assault rifles”, limiting magazine clips, and gun control.

A stunning Commerce Department report showing negative economic growth in 4th Quarter?  Fire up the debate on immigration reform.

A mid-January Gallup Poll has the economy (21%), our federal budget deficit (20%), dissatisfaction with government (18%), and unemployment (16%) as the top four issues worrying Americans.  Racism, the Bush Administration, Romney’s pooch, free birth control for women, an anti-Muhammad video, and Gay Marriage didn’t make the list.  Gun control was mentioned by 4% of the respondents, immigration by 3%.

On the major, most disturbing, intractable issues of our time, Mr. Obama along with his political and media camp followers, continually attempt to focus the public’s attention on talking points more to the chief executive’s liking.

The aim is to distract and divert scrutiny from this administration’s many failures. Don’t look here. What’s that over there?  Why it’s the president’s “Serious Crisis Avoidance Management Strategy”…..Obama’s SCAMS for short.











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