Mrs. Scott Releases Video Before and After the Shooting of the “Quiet Family Man”


The shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte is a tragic situation but the sympathy might be ill-placed. The police can’t be expected to run in the face of a possible shooting nor can they wait until they are shot first. The media won’t like this story in the end. This shooting was of a black man by a black police officer and Mr. Scott has a dark history that runs counter to what the media has portrayed.

The police warn Mr. Scott several times to put down the gun.

CBSN has published a live video taken by Keith Scott’s wife before and after the shooting. His wife can be heard screaming for the police to not shoot him, he has a TBI and took his medicine. She sounds desperate. She also tried to get her husband to come out of the truck and shouted, “Keith, don’t do it” more than once. The police clearly think he has a gun and issue numerous orders to drop the gun.

His wife thinks he has a book and does not have a gun. The police say there was no book and he had a gun.

It’s a desperate and upsetting video aimed at controlling the narrative and garnering sympathy for Mr. Scott.

We have updated to include the video:

Keith Scott had a serious arrest record. He was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in two different states, Frontpage Magazine reported. He was convicted in three states and had been hit with “assault with intent to kill” charges in the 1990s. His record includes “assault on a child under 12” and “assault on a female.”

Scott spent seven years in jail for “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

He wasn’t a “quiet and devoted family man” as the media has reported.

The police officer on the other hand excelled in school, played college football and went on to serve as his father had done before him. Frontpage reported that, he used to organize his football team’s bible studies and mentored younger players. Former teammates describe him as a “great guy” with “good morals.” His former coach calls him a “natural leader” and says that, “We need more Brent Vinsons… in our communities.”

What do you think?

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5 years ago

Wouldn’t calling for an ambulance be your first reaction? She asks if one’s been called at the end.