MS-13 Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty to Brutal Murder on Long Island


Illegal aliens continue adding to the tragic ranks of “Angel Families”, and mocking Nancy Pelosi’s rose-colored observations that, “there are dignity and worth in every person” and “we’re all God’s children.” 

Given all the coverage of Mollie Tibbetts vicious murder, this story may have been missed.


Josue Portillo pled guilty to 4 counts of racketeering murder and 1 count of conspiracy to commit racketeering in the April 2017 killings of Justin Livicura, Michael Lopez, Jorge Tigre, and Jefferson Villalobos.

A ninth grader at the time, the illegal alien from El Salvador stated,  “Myself and another MS-13 member personally murdered Michael Lopez by stabbing him with knives. I did this knowingly, willfully and without coercion when I was 15 years old.”  He continued, “I will forever suffer the pain of knowing how senseless these murders were and that none of the victims deserved to die.”  

Portillo, being charged as an adult, admitted to helping plan what resulted in a gruesome, stomach-turning quadruple murder of young men who were targeted as members of a rival gang. The victims were ambushed with machetes, knives, tree limbs, and an ax. The feds described the scene as a “horrific frenzy of violence.” 

Nine others have been charged in this slaughter, but Portillo is the first to plead guilty and could face life behind bars.  If he’s sentenced to anything less than that, it is reported without irony, “He is subject to deportation once his prison term is done.”  

Perhaps by then, Josue Portillo will be able to discover that “spark of divinity” Nancy Pelosi sees, from her walled ivory tower;  in every human being.    


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