MS-13, Illegals No Doubt, Stab 16 Year Old 100 Times, Burn His Body

Jacson Chicas

A 16-year old was brutally murdered in Prince Georges County, Maryland. His body was found in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Jacson Chicas, of Falls Church, was killed inside a home in Landover Hills. He was stabbed 100 times and his body burned.

Jacson fled the gangs in El Salvador, only to be killed by MS-13 here.

Chicas’ mother, who did not want to be identified, told News4 in Spanish that her son was forced to join the MS-13 gang in El Salvador and that’s why their family fled the country.

But Chicas was unable to escape the gang’s grip in America.

She said Chicas was trying to leave MS-13 and he had started living at a house in Prince George’s County to spare his parents and siblings from danger.

Chicas’ mother said when gang members accused him of talking to police they threatened to kill his family and he told them to kill himself instead.

Police announced that four men and a teenager were arrested and charged in connection to Chicas’ murder.

The five suspects, MS-13 of Fairfax, Virginia are [think about that — MS-13 of Fairfax:

  • Jose Ordonez-Zometa, 29, of Landover Hills, MD
  • Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 20, of Annandale
  • Christian Martinez-Ramirez, 16, of Falls Church
  • Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, 18, no fixed address
  • Jose Hernandez-Garcia, 25, no fixed address

The police have not addressed their immigration status but almost every MS-13 is here illegally. This is what open borders has done for the USA. We too can be a third world hellhole.

Thank a Democrat! They deserve the most credit because Democrats and their judges have mandated open borders.

While we’re at it, authorities seized 30,000 fentanyl pills in a drug bust from Mexico.

Thank a Democrat, thank the media, and the losers in Congress.


  1. You guys really think ms13 wasn’t here until Obama was in office!!?? Lol please do some more reaserach on all of the topics u want to address. Facts are facts. But I do agree with most of the things mentioned in this article 🙂

      • I don’t necessarily agree with them being open to everyone, but blaming democrats doesn’t fix the issue. Look at the victim, he fled here to escape the gangs. Yes what happened to him is unfortunate, but at least he was given an opportunity at a better life by coming here.

        • You sound like a caring person Marie, but if we don’t have borders, we are not a country. We need to restore the rule of law or we won’t have a country.

          Again, Democrats – the hard left – are working to keep our borders open. We had no MS-13 where I live until Obama started flying them in.

          • Which I agree with you, to a certain extent. If people come looking for asylum from real harm I think they should be allowed refuge. But to blame it on Obama isn’t realistic, yes he can create a bill, but it still has to be approved. He didn’t open the borders alone. Unlike the current jacka** in office who couldn’t get his bill approved and shut down the government, damaging thousands of AMERICAN families, and since that didn’t work now call it a state of emergency? This country is in shambles, and Obama didn’t do it alone. We have a leader that thinks it’s ok to “grab women by the pussy” and openly show hatred for anybody who speaks against what you believe. Yes the borders are a big issue, and I can’t downplay that. But to blame democrats when the sorry a** republican president is destroying OUR country….people just need to open their eyes to the bigger picture.

            • I’m not blaming Dems for the death of the boy, but I am blaming them for letting MS-13 in with their open borders policies. They never used to believe in open borders.

              The MS-13 first came in under Obama here.

              Trump certainly has his failings and a lot of people feel just as you do, but he is the only one willing to stand up for the people and between us and socialists/communists taking over the Democrat Party. I want us all to be free and we won’t be if the hard left takes control.

              How is Trump destroying our country? The economy hasn’t been this good in a decade. The tax cuts and cuts in regulations have made a tremendous difference. He’s keeping our enemies at bay.I love the bills he’s signing – like letting our veterans go to their own doctors of choice if the VA doesn’t accommodate them. He has passed so many bills for blacks, I love that. The criminal justice reform is working well so far. There are many accomplishments.

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