MS-13 Killers of 16-Year-Old Were “Refugee Children” and Illegals


Three of the six MS-13 animals who slaughtered the 16-year-old Jacson Chicas, stabbing him 100 times and then burning his body, were REFUGEES. They were resettled as refugees.

This Central American migration is dangerous and it’s a scam perpetrated on the American people, or should I say suckers?

The victim was a member of the gang although his mother said he tried to leave. All six of the criminals are citizens of El Salvador. Three were refugees and three are here illegally. The three ‘refugees’ came in as unaccompanied children, Conservative Review reported based on public ICE documents.

The six kids are:

  • Jose Ordonez-Zometa, 29, of Landover Hills, MD
  • Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 20, of Annandale
  • Christian Martinez-Ramirez, 16, of Falls Church
  • Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, 18, no fixed address
  • Jose Hernandez-Garcia, 25, no fixed address
  • Jose Ortega Ayala

Many of these criminals come as unaccompanied children and the media is hiding that from you.

Here are some of anonymous ‘children’, as the NYT calls them:

Animals trafficking in sex slaves and drug trafficking are flowing across our borders and even if they are captured, they will soon be released because of our laws. ICE can’t keep them because of overcrowding. Every couple months, tens of thousands are released and that often includes criminals.

Some criminals aren’t caught as they come across our border. They just walk across areas without walls.

The brutal killer of Mollie Tibbetts was here illegally. He was recently awarded tax dollars to hire an expert. That’s how stupid Americans are.

Iowa judge Joel Yates ruled that the state will pay a $3,200 stipend for an expert witness to help defend illegal immigrant Cristhian Bahena Rivera, who confessed to abducting and murdering 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts in August 2018.

The expert witness was hired by Rivera’s lawyers to discredit the confession he gave to police, the Gazette reported.


This is the annual cost of these grifters coming across our borders illegally:

Democrats want open borders and apparently, so do some Republicans. Democrats want criminal aliens to roam freely around the country and to stay protected in their sanctuary cities and states. They are literally turning us into a third world hellhole.

Listen to a few minutes of the clip below, it’s good for debate:

This is a re-enactment of a debate in the U.K. about Brexit but listen to them devolve into name-calling with one woman is called a racist. She then loses it and says she is “sick and tired of it” like she’s “nothing and knows nothing.” As Beck says rightfully, people there and here are being called all sorts of names, everything they love is being taken away, and their neighborhoods are in some cases ruined. They can’t have a seat at the table and are told to shut up.

By the way, KKK and neo-Nazis are not conservatives, they are national socialists.

Go to 24:58:

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