Ms. Blasey-Ford Supporter Once Ran a Bimbo War Room


Unsurprisingly, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has come out to defend Christine Blasey Ford’s request for an FBI investigation into her claims of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh.

Hillary Clinton is, of course, the wife of Bill Clinton who himself assaulted women.

Hillary was in charge of his “war room” which handled the “Bimbo Eruptions.” That is the nickname she gave the countless women who had affairs with, were assaulted by or abused by Bill.

They were portrayed effectively in her planted stories in the press as “pathological liars” and “bimbos.”

She engaged in character assassinations and would then deny the attacks on the victims. Finally, she would falsely claim the stories were debunked.

She’s shameless.


Speaking with CBS host Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show,” the former secretary of state said that it would be “very easy” for FBI agents to investigate Ford’s claims in a matter of weeks.

Hillary doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The FBI already said they don’t do those types of investigations. It’s the bailiwick of local police.

“I am hoping at some point there will be an agreement to have an investigation,” Clinton told Colbert on Friday night’s show, which taped earlier in the day.

“It would be very easy for the FBI to go back and finish the background investigation, to investigate these charges,” she adds. “And, you know, maybe find out there’s nothing to them, maybe find out there is something to them. But at least have that investigation completed.”

“And I think that’s what is a fair request, for due process to be asked for,” she concluded.

During the interview, she pretended she didn’t know what happened to the Republican Party. She claimed the GOP are intimidated by the President. She is such a transparent politician.

“I do not understand what happened to the Republican Party,” Clinton said. “I served with a lot of these people, why are they so intimidated? At some point, you’ve gotta put country before party.”


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