Ms. Blasey Ford Wrote About Self-Hypnosis & Creating Artificial Situations


Credible Christine Blasey Ford wrote an article in 2008 on self-hypnosis, according to Professor Margot Cleveland’s Twitter post and link.

Blasey Ford’s research articles in 2008 included a study in which participants were taught self-hypnosis. The article noted that hypnosis is used to retrieve important memories “and create artificial situations.”

False memories would explain the bedraggled Ford’s appearance of sincerity and certainty during testimony. It would also explain the random, inconsistent memories, possibly brought on by hypnosis and Mitt Romney stating in 2012 that Brett Kavanaugh was his top pick for the Supreme Court.

Professor explains in three tweets: 

Since trolls seem unable to follow, let me lay it out: Memory science is extremely complex and as expert witnesses will testify, false memories will seem real. Notwithstanding Ford’s lack of credibility, I’ve equivocated between she’s lying & she’s having a false memory

memories retrieved during hypnosis are more suspect and more likely to create false memories.

And if Ford used self-hypnosis to create alternative scenarios to treat her anxiety & PTSD, that creates risk of false memories. Ford’s participation in study shows she KNOW both as well as people trained in both. Her therapist’s records would be very key…but haven’t been turned over.


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