Ms. Blasey Ford Wrote About Self-Hypnosis & Creating Artificial Situations


Credible Christine Blasey Ford wrote an article in 2008 on self-hypnosis, according to Professor Margot Cleveland’s Twitter post and link.

Blasey Ford’s research articles in 2008 included a study in which participants were taught self-hypnosis. The article noted that hypnosis is used to retrieve important memories “and create artificial situations.”

False memories would explain the bedraggled Ford’s appearance of sincerity and certainty during testimony. It would also explain the random, inconsistent memories, possibly brought on by hypnosis and Mitt Romney stating in 2012 that Brett Kavanaugh was his top pick for the Supreme Court.

Professor explains in three tweets: 

Since trolls seem unable to follow, let me lay it out: Memory science is extremely complex and as expert witnesses will testify, false memories will seem real. Notwithstanding Ford’s lack of credibility, I’ve equivocated between she’s lying & she’s having a false memory

memories retrieved during hypnosis are more suspect and more likely to create false memories.

And if Ford used self-hypnosis to create alternative scenarios to treat her anxiety & PTSD, that creates risk of false memories. Ford’s participation in study shows she KNOW both as well as people trained in both. Her therapist’s records would be very key…but haven’t been turned over.



  1. Blasey Ford’s double door doubletalk is an interesting article on American Thinker site, the Fords bought the house in 2007 from Dr. Sylvia Randall, and she listed this address for her California licensed practice of psychotherapy, including couples psychotherapy, until her move to Oregon in 2007. Thomas Lifson who wrote the article called Dr.Sylvia Randall and asked if she had sold her house to the Fords. She asked back how I had found out. I asked if she was the couples therapist who treated the Fords. She would not answer yes or no, replying, “I am a couples therapist.”…………there is more related to getting a building permit in 2008 to renovate the house which added two rooms and a bathroom plus the second door,……So why was the installation of that second door still such a bone of contention between the couple that it was an issue in the counseling they were undergoing in May 2012?

  2. I think Ford is a con artist

    I think she did not write those 60 scientific papers, but paid someone else to write them, then put her name at the bottom and took credit.

    If you read the letter she sent to Feinstein, you see that woman is neither brilliant nor eloquent, nor has an ability to be clear and rational.

    Someone who can write books or scientific articles would be able to express themselves MUCH better than that and would be able to say things in a MUCH more clear and logical way.

    if you watch her get mixed up in her own lies when Rachel Mitchell is interviewng her, or how she avoids certain questions and how she uses INTENSELY a fake little girl voice and cuty-little-girl body poses and moves that SCREAM; MANIPULATIVE CON ARTIST

    you can see that woman is a compulsive liar and that it is natural and spontaneous for her to use her exaggerated smile or her little girl voice to manipulate people and fool people

    when it is that spontaneous it indicates the person is that way all the time with everyone and about everything

    the only thing that is genuine and authentic about Ford is that she is a con artist

    every voice intonation, every fake smile, every little girl voice turned on like a switch when she is about to tell a lie or evade a question and dozens of other clues clearly indicate she is as fake as a 3 dollars bill and has manipulated people all her life

    Ford is a con artist

    she is neither bright enough nor eloquent enough to write scientific papers

    and a con artist would never go trough the trouble of working so hard , they simply pay someone else to write their paper ( or steal/plagiarize someone else’s work )

    Ford is a con artist

    she did not write those scientific papers

    yes yes I know she said 3 or 4 ” intelligent” things and used words such as norepinephrine and multi factorial

    but that is part of the act, part of the con job ; use well placed, well memorized words to impress and manipulate

    99% of what she said was NON scientific, she sounded no more intelligent nor educated than a typical cashier at Walmart

    so whay if she memorized ” norepinephrine” and “multi factorial ”

    a person with an IQ of 85 can do that

    she did not write those scientific papers, she paid someone then put her name at the bottom and took credit

    A person so dumb she tells us she is so afraid of flying it took her an entire week to gather the courage to get on airplane who then a minute later tells us she has been on airplanes DOZENS and DOZENS of times to visit family, for her job, for her hobbies and vacations , to go surfing, to visit Hawai and Tahiti and was on airplane one month before for a funeral, is not bright enough to write scientific papers

    Ford is a fraud

    she is a con artist

    one day maybe 5 or 10 years down the road the truth will come to the surface; she is a fraud, she did not write those scientific papers ( kind of like Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos; the entire thing was a fraud, she conned the entire world and fooled all experts for a while )

    I am telling you Ford is no more a real scientist than Elizabeth Holmes really invented a new better way of doing blood tests

    Ford is a con artist

    She did not write those scientific papers, she paid someone to write them.

  3. You want to see a bunch “nut jobs” in person? Go sit in on a 3rd-4th year PSYCH class at you state college.
    In my experience, a good many PSYCH majors are nuts before the even decide to major in it.

  4. You see the same with the so-called “abductees” and their “memories”, such as Betty and Barney Hill. Japan was doing some type of experiment and the result was the same perceived abduction experience, and it was a vivid memory.

    Consistent with false testimony is the person’s constant “clarifications”. Her testimony is like watching the suspect in a Columbo episode.

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