MSM, CAIR Say March Against Sharia Is Anti-Muslim, Should Be Banned


Act for America organized marches against Sharia in 28 cities taking place today. The march is not anti-Muslim according to the organizers and participants though the MSM claims it is. At least we now understand clearly that accepting Muslims also means accepting their political/social/cultural system of Sharia law.

The concept of the march is that they love Muslims, vetted, normal Muslims who adapt to the U.S. culture and laws. Sharia law does not allow any of that and is counter to the U.S. Consitution and all the U.S. stands for.

The fact that we need a march against Sharia should be the most concerning aspect of this.

Watch this pro-Sharia prayer in Delaware.

CAIR has been out complaining and claim the group should not be allowed to march.

MSM headlines all read “Anti-Muslim Marches Throughout the Nation”. They like to generalize .

The counter march thinks it’s anti-Muslim and racist. Islam is not a race though the left seems unaware of that one fact.

Police have separated the two sides.

The left-wing feminists are supporting the subjugation of women under Sharia,a according to the Act for America marchers.

Let’s not forget the left wants to accept Sharia.

Listen to a fake feminist talking up Sharia.

Remember what the radicals did to Iran.

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6 years ago

For one thing a great many Muslims are actually white.

But then again What is white. In many venues the question of white is also termed Caucasian. This is not a “true” characterization of those particular peoples but we Can say unequivocally that Europeans are, in fact, a white race of peoples.

In actual fact the Caucasian populations have a closer origin to those of Middle Eastern origins. As time progresses each nationality has become more and more mixed to where eventually there may be no significant difference but many Are distinguishable.

A person can have the ability to distinguish between these differences. For my own part I used to be able to distinguish between many races such as these, but also including the difference between Japanese, Chinese, Phillipines and Koreans. More often than not I would be correct. It came about because of a curiosity of where someone came from. But since that is no longer much of a concern I’ve lost most of that ability.

In any event, whether Muslim or Christian, there is no factor of race involved. Those who attribute such are nothing more than ignorant fools.

One reason this topic Should be of concern is the “Jihadi Camps” that are strewn across the country that are military in style and function. For some reason it hasn’t been reported on for decades. The danger is the possibility of a domestic insurrection by these groups, AND, they have large numbers and pose a significant threat.

Those who have come across their enclaves are met with very hostile responses. Any time I hear of Government monitoring of possible threats I always wonder whether or not these places are included in the concerns.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
6 years ago

Yep, We should abolish Congress and allow “CAIR” to decide who can speak and who cannot??
Are you “Americans” NUTS??!! You have consumed too much Kool Aid ,
We allow these CAIR fools to beat up our Grandfolks, in the name of “free speech” are you really kidding me, “Americans”, YOU SUPPORT THE CAIR POSITION TO DENY AMERICANS THE RIGHT TO SPEAK…………………………………………………………………………………………………

Go to Hell via Syria and enjoy your “RIGHTS” under the Syrian “Constitution”
“Americans”? I don’t think so………………………………………..

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
6 years ago

all of you ladies who are demonstrating against the Anti sharia law folks, line up for your free surgery at the Sharia Law Medical Clinics, (and be sure to bring your young daughters who while they are receiving surgery, you can “betroth” them to a member of CAIR, or one of the elderly sharia law guys lurking about with an easy $10,000 for you)