MSM, CAIR Say March Against Sharia Is Anti-Muslim, Should Be Banned


Act for America organized marches against Sharia in 28 cities taking place today. The march is not anti-Muslim according to the organizers and participants though the MSM claims it is. At least we now understand clearly that accepting Muslims also means accepting their political/social/cultural system of Sharia law.

The concept of the march is that they love Muslims, vetted, normal Muslims who adapt to the U.S. culture and laws. Sharia law does not allow any of that and is counter to the U.S. Consitution and all the U.S. stands for.

The fact that we need a march against Sharia should be the most concerning aspect of this.

Watch this pro-Sharia prayer in Delaware.

CAIR has been out complaining and claim the group should not be allowed to march.

MSM headlines all read “Anti-Muslim Marches Throughout the Nation”. They like to generalize .

The counter march thinks it’s anti-Muslim and racist. Islam is not a race though the left seems unaware of that one fact.

Police have separated the two sides.

The left-wing feminists are supporting the subjugation of women under Sharia,a according to the Act for America marchers.

Let’s not forget the left wants to accept Sharia.

Listen to a fake feminist talking up Sharia.

Remember what the radicals did to Iran.

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