MSM Cares About Mr. Khashoggi As Much as Turks & Saudis Do


Politicos on both sides of the aisle have decided the Saudi Crown Prince is responsible for what might be the brutal death of Jamal Khashoggi, a ‘democratic’ radical Islamist. We don’t have the evidence yet and people need to wait until it’s in.

Is he dead and was he cut up into pieces during and after death? The Turks say it is the case and Khashoggi, who was on the Crown Prince’s blacklist, is missing.

The Turkish police say they found evidence, noting some walls were freshly painted.

It is also notable that the media cares more about Mr. Khashoggi than all the other news of the day. There is a reason for that and it’s political. They are dying to pin this on Donald Trump.

As the media looks to blame Trump for Khashoggi’s death, it is obvious they don’t care about Jamal Khashoggi for anything other than clickbait and political expediency.

The death might have happened exactly as the Turks say it did, but they can’t be trusted either.

Yashar Ali posted a video of the Saudi Consul General he says gave a phony tour of the consulate and appears nervous because he witnessed a murder and was told to say nothing or die himself.

Maybe. He does seem nervous but we don’t know if he always sounds and acts this way. How do we even know the tour is phony?


We have a very important and complicated alliance with Saudi Arabia and we can’t completely abandon them. We still need their oil, they take on Iran, and they are allied with the U.S., Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. If we do drop them, Russia and other bad actors will gladly pick them up. It is also important to note that Jamal Khashoggi, while living in the U.S. since last year, is a Saudi citizen.

When the facts are in, the President must react but it has to be measured. No matter how it goes, the media will attack him, along with their partners in the Democrat Party.

Democrats are already asking for Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr.’s records of financial dealings with Saudi Arabia, the suggestion being the Trumps don’t want to lose their lucrative relationship with the royal family. It’s another basis for attack if they feel the President’s reaction is too weak.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia don’t care about Mr. Khashoggi and they couldn’t care less about The Washington Post, for whom Khashoggi occasionally wrote. They care about keeping the U.S. on their side and both will work towards that end. All must save face.

MSM wants to accuse Trump of bearing responsibility for the death of Jamal Khashoggi and they have already begun. There is no bad event they won’t blame him for and no success they won’t deny him.

The fake news media sunk to a new low doing exactly that, which is evident in this compilation by The Resurgent.

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