MSM Finds the Really Bad News in Trump Rescuing 3 Americans from NoKo


NBC “News” and CNN “News” have managed to find the really bad news in the President rescuing three Americans from a North Korean dungeon. They are on top of the news, they truly are. They’re not fake news, no sir.

NBC managed to see the best and worst in President Trump and the prisoner release.

The President, flanked by the lovely First Lady, Vice President Pence, and others, met the three Americans released by North Korea at 3 a.m. at Andrews Air Force base. A large U.S. flag hung in the background. The former prisoners were elated to be home. One said, “It was like a dream” as he descended the stairs leading out of the plane.

NBC’s Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Carrie Dann used the event to highlight the “best and the worst” of the President.

Some of you might be asking what could possibly be wrong?

The best was that they were freed but not one of these outlets has given us much information about who these people are. Their families haven’t been interviewed as far as we can tell. The victims have been put on the back burner.

What is not relegated to oblivion is the way the President thanked Kim.

The worst, in their view, was that Trump praised the North Korean dictator, saying he was “excellent” for releasing the prisoners. The President said:

“We want to thank Kim Jong-un, who really was excellent to these three incredible people. They are really three incredible people. And the fact that we were able to get them out so soon was really a tribute to a lot of things, including a certain process that’s taking place right now. And that process is very important.”

Kim said he gave “amnesty” to these three people. To him, they were prisoners convicted of crimes and he did Trump a favor as a goodwill gesture prior to the Summit on June 12th.

Most people wouldn’t quibble over the word, “excellent”, but it was key to NBC trashing the President.

As they did with Putin, the media is trying their best to make certain the President has poor relationships with foreign leaders around the world.

The truth is that Trump has been harsh with Kim, calling him ‘Rocket Man’ among other names. Trump’s trying to give a little here. It’s called negotiating, but NBC knows that. They simply don’t care.

The hosts are worried that he praised the dictator for releasing the prisoners. This is as the President faces a critical peace agreement that could mean so much to the entire world.

The media never worried when Obama negotiated with the Taliban or Kerry praised the Iranians. That was fine.

Then there is the CNN reaction.

For their part, CNN, the Stormy porn star channel, was very concerned that President Trump would get undeserved credit for freeing the prisoners coming home from North Korea.

The hosts said this was possibly an attempt to distract from Mueller’s probe and, of course, Stormy.

CNN is a one-note Johnny. Remember the Malaysian Flight 370 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean with a crazy co-pilot? That’s all that was on the station 24/7 for months with Don Lemon wondering if they went into a Black Hole or something supernatural occurred.

Now CNN concentrates on the latest hate piece on Trump. CNN is the Stormy show although they also talk about Mueller, that wonderful, outstanding, impeccable human being.

One CNN host, who covered the return of the three Americans, has a British accent so he gets away with saying boorish, idiotic things. It’s amazing how the British accent can cover for so much idiocy.

Another host opined that this success in foreign policy could distract from the witch hunt [my words].

If President Trump gets a peace agreement from Kim Jong-un and Kim agrees to give up his nuclear weapons, we doubt it would distract from Stormy, the porn queen, or her sleazy, bankrupt lawyer. At least it wouldn’t for CNN.

We already covered Crying Chuck Schumer’s response. He too is very fearful that Trump will look good.

Listen to this dribble:

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