MSM Has Gone Mad, Spent Wednesday Attacking Trump


President Trump, a big supporter of Israel, said he can’t understand why Jewish Americans are supporting Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and voting for Democrats. The answer is about 75% of Jewish Americans are Democrats and they will vote for the party they think is best for America.

The President isn’t as precise as he should be and he is getting hit by very left-wing Jewish groups for allegedly saying they should be loyal to Israel. That isn’t what the President meant. He’s concerned that the Democrat Party is anti-Semitic an if they vote Democrat, they are being disloyal to Israel.

One group actually called him anti-Semitic for criticizing their voting for the Democrats. That’s nonsense.

The MSM couldn’t wait to blow that up and at the same time say nothing about the anti-Semites Tlaib and Omar.


The media is becoming literally insane. They are vicious and respond with animus at every single thing the President says and does. The President is trying to handle some very difficult problems and these people would rather see us go into recession or get trampled by China than give the President a single break.

The President had it with NBC reporter Peter Alexander Wednesday after the reporter behaved badly. The President continually interrupted and wouldn’t stop showboating.

Then Peter Alexander lied.


The media took an obvious joke and translated it as if the President was serious. The President called himself the “chosen one” — as a joke.

Trending on Twitter Wednesday — #25thAmendmentNow — to remove the President from office for a mental disability. They’re calling him insane.

C-Span took one quote out of context where the President said he was “the chosen one.” They wanted to make him look like he was losing his mind.

His exaggerated motions and his looking up to heaven were meant to show he was joking.

“That remark came after a point that past presidents should have already dealt with China’s malign behavior. He was clearly mocking his situation,” Tammy Bruce said.

C-Span meant the quote to be very misleading. You can see the entire clip on this link.

Why don’t these reporters ever complain about China when they are scamming us? Instead of that, they are solely focused on destroying their own president.


Earlier in the day, President Trump thanked a man named Wayne Allen Root who called him the king of Israel. That began the ‘Trump is a madman’ fiasco on Twitter. People have to keep in mind that Twitter is fake and filled with fake people who make people think the entire world thinks as they do. It’s not the real world.

Trump doesn’t think he’s the king of Israel. He just thanked him for a compliment. The left has been trying to pin him with every negative label imaginable and mad is one of them.

That being said, Root self-describes as a “Jew turned evangelical Christian,” and he has allegedly promoted conspiracy theories at times in the past, according to OregonLive. He’s probably not the best person to quote, but what do I know. It was harmless and the media made it into a catastrophe.

It’s a no-never-mind.

The media blows up everything the President says. Trump makes mistakes but his heart is in the right place. He’s the only person who stands between us and socialism and anti-semitism.

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