MSM Hides Out as Bob Menendez’ Corruption Trial Continues on with Dooming Testimony


Democrat Senator Menendez is still on trial but you would never know it from the media. They’re working hard to not cover it.

This week’s testimony includes former HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius swearing that Harry Reid pushed her to meet with Menendez and his million dollar donor to convince her to pay the donor more money from the Medicaid coffers.

Bob Menendez’s donor doctor friend Dr. Mergen sold doses of a medicine in multiple doses of a single vial instead of selling the single vial so he could charge more. Although he claims it was to avoid wasting medicine.

We wouldn’t want to waste any medicine!

Dr. Saloman Mergen overbilled Medicaid $8.9 million. He contested it by using the political pressure of Harry Reid and his good buddy Menendez.

According to the prosecution, eye doctor, Melgen gave Menendez thousands of dollars in gifts and political contributions in exchange for Menendez using his influence to help the doctor obtain visas for girlfriends and help in business deals.

Dr. Melgen has already been convicted and now it’s Menendez’s turn. Both face very long prison terms in a federal prison.

Appearing under subpoena, Sebelius testified that Harry Reid inveighed on her to meet with him and Menendez about a billing dispute in 2012 to pressure her to give Menendez’s buddy more money.

Report via Fox News:

In August of 2012, Secretary Sebelius attended a meeting with Menendez at the office of then-Majority Leader Harry Reid. Sebelius told the court, quote, “Everybody did some talking, but Senator Menendez, it was his meeting, so he presented the issues he was concerned about.”

Prosecutors say there was only one issue concerning Menendez, convincing the secretary to change Medicare policy to benefit Dr. Melgen, who was appealing a Medicare decision that he overbilled the agency $8.9 million.

Sebelius told the court quote, “The discussion involved policy this case has triggered.” The defense tried to show that there were other subjects discussed, but Sebelius held firm.

In earlier testimony, a former Medicare official testified that the senator had an “aggressive tone” during a 2009 phone call. That call ended abruptly, when the senator realized he wasn’t going to get what he wanted.

Sebelius said she had in fact avoided Menendez for a year, precisely to avoid his pressuring her to deliver government dollars to his generous donor friend.

Defense attorney Abbe Lowell pressed Sebelius to acknowledge that Menendez never mentioned Melgen, which she did, but she explained why she knew he meant Melgen. Since Melgen was the only provider demanding a change in this policy and involved in a payment dispute over it –and Melgen was known to be a crony of Menendez — the connection didn’t escape Sebelius.

In fact, as she testified, that was precisely why she had avoided Menendez for a year, and then emphasized that it was so unusual it never happened with her at any other time.



  1. We were ecstatic when Sebelius left as Governor. She was only elected because of her “last” name and that relationship to previous Republican elected officials. The state has yet to recover from her administration.

    What I became furious about was how the state, under her direction, decided to get into the gambling casino business. She began the creation of actual State-OWNED casinos. Since taxes weren’t enough she decided to get the state financially involved in gambling. But now, since the State is collecting revenue there is little chance of the state ownership being rescinded.

  2. It’s cliche’ but…..”if this guy were a Republican” this trial would have been front page news for days, weeks, ect.

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