MSM Is Lying About the Boys in MAGA Hats Mocking a Native-American


The story is somewhat different and there is video evidence that nothing was as reported. The MSM and Mr. Phillips reported dishonestly. The victims appear to be the boys. The story and videos are available on this link. I urge people to go to the link because nothing is as it seems, remarkably so!

Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder, Vietnam Veteran, and former director of the Native Youth Alliance, walked up to a youth in a MAGA hat and banged his drum in the kid’s face. The boy stood smirking, without flinching.

These boys, who had attended the March for Life, went to this leftist march to see what was going on [correction they were waiting for a bus]. They didn’t know Mr. Phillips was a veteran nor did they hit him or insult him.

CBS News radio reported this morning that the white students invaded the space of Nathan Phillips, but the video clearly shows he invaded the kids’ space. The media has weaponized reporting.

We don’t hear about the hundreds of thousands who went to the March for Life, but we do hear endless reportage about the leftists who showed up in far smaller numbers. Then we get whitewashed, filtered, and weaponized stories aimed at kids, religious people, whites, conservatives, and anyone who disagrees with them.


Red Raccoon says the kids are bullies raised to hate and disrespect.


Nathan’s people told the boys they should go back to Europe and that this is their land! That is why the boys responded by smiling and laughing [correction: the boys thought they were cheering to Mr. Phillips drum].

While Mr. Phillips deserves our respect for his service and for who he is, he is a leftist who put himself out there. The left on social media and elsewhere has ripped into the boy and want him expelled from school. They are harassing the Kentucky school he attends and the administrators.

Nathan Phillips falsely claimed he was harassed by kids in MAGA hats. He is a radical separatist who flew the U.S. Flag upside down at a Dakota Pipeline protest.

Far-left separatist Nathan Phillips was a leader of the Standing Rock lunacy and stood with the US flag held upside down

Mr. Phillips appears to have lied on CNN. He said, “This young fella put himself in front of me and would not move.” The video shows Mr. Phillips going up to the boy while banging and chanting in his face. Phillips claimed he was in fear of being “ripped apart” and he was in a “dangerous situation.”

Not Exactly Honest leftist?


According to Heavy, the mother of the student who was face-to-face with Mr. Phillips sent an email claiming the story was “fake news”.

“Shame on you! Were you there? Did you hear the names the people where calling these boys? It was shameful. Did you witness the black Muslims yelling profanities and videotaping trying to get something to futher (sic) your narrative of hatred?? Did you know that this “man” came up to this one boy and drummed in his face? Shame on you. Only reporting what you want. More fake news.”

The reporter thanked her for the correspondence and explained that it would be reported on as part of the story, she demanded the emails be deleted.

“Delete my email. I want nothing to do with helping perpetuating (sic) your hate. I do not want to be a part of your story. You are ruining a boys life for fake news. Hate spreads like wildfire. I pray for you.”

Heavy mocked the mother and couldn’t care less about investigating. They simply took the side of the elderly man.

Next is Terrence K. Williams’ take — for which he is receiving “an incredible amount of death threats”:

Mr. Phillips had a confrontation like this once before

Not the first time this has happened. In 2015, he confronted Eastern Michigan students who were at a themed party with some dressed as Native-Americans.

What say you?

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5 years ago

The man is now persecuting Mr. Phillips when that gang of unruly teenagers is at fault.

5 years ago

The left is getting pretty pathetic…………….House Budget Committee chair Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) called Sunday for a ban on teenagers wearing “Make America Great Again”……………here are a couple of his tweets…………………………..”I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on. They seem to be poisoning young minds”………………..”The conduct we saw in this video is beyond appalling, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum. This is a direct result of the racist hatred displayed daily by the President of the United States who, sadly, some mistake for a role model”

Sam Nigro
Sam Nigro
5 years ago

This is more relevant today than magnifying Catholic kids juvenile acts of bewilderment…..PEOPLE SHOULD BE REMINDED OF HOW BAD THE INDIANS REALLY WERE……

by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, retired psychiatrist, ad hominem deplorable pamphleteer
copyright c 2017

The replacement of Columbus by “Indigenous Peoples” is ridiculous. So is the extermination of Father Serra and Prospector Pete. It is the self-delusional, self-righteous, arrogance of ignorant people white-washing Native Americans which is factually impossible to do. Their ire at the mistreatment of Indians cannot allow or forgive what Indians did until American settlers suppressed and controlled them. They were not angels and they got what they deserved more often than not. The mortal sins of the Indians make the sins of our icons to be dated social inconveniences and mistakes.

Because of their outrageous savagery until controlled and lack of civil virtue thereafter, for Native Americans–the Indians–any and all Indian remembrances must be deleted first. Indian memorabilia must be removed before any other historical figure including Christopher Columbus. If evil deeds justify deleting monuments and remembrances, thousands of schools and teams must delete their Indian espousals, change their names, and remove all positive Native American memorabilia everywhere. Indian brutality and incivility cannot be whitewashed…just censored. Some of us are OFFENDED by their savagery being overlooked and forgotten about.

The incoming settlers (immigrants) to America quickly learned that “The only good Indian is a dead Indian”–an impossible to deny truism until all were firmly on reservations. When I was in Montana in 1958, I first heard that from some aged guys who had been raised with that admonition since living through the Big Hole Battlefield mess. They would laugh off as ridiculous the opposite. They had experiences with Indian women castrating and disfiguring wounded and dead enemies and watched captives being shot and tortured in celebration by Indian men. In Montana, I rented a room from an elderly woman who told of seeing two Indian children shot because they could not behave any way but wild attacking–examples of why Indian children were put in residential schools so they had learning, the Ten Commandments, books, civilizing direction, education with virtue and capacity to be civil–something not available on their reservations or villages where all the children learned was selfish savagery. She said it was unbelievable how out of control the Indian children were and incapable of learning any thing else with months of trying. “It was so terrible, you could not have them around, without it being a terrible day all day.” The only way to civilize them was to put them in residential schools as soon as possible. The early Indians were without virtue, no belief in the Ten Commandments, totally untrustworthy, with values worse than contemporary city gangs. All they knew was take anything and everything if you can; kill always or enslave and torture; pretend nice until you are in power; and destroy at first chance you get, so you can keep whatever you got. They would say something, but their words were meaningless. That is how they lived for centuries and that is all they knew, unless aware of immediate consequences.

Indians rejected the settling immigrants, violently murdering, torturing and enslaving until they learned the immigrants could and would defend themselves. Without any laws or legal rights to any lands, Indians would go any where, take over violently, and then leave after exhausting the place. All non-Indians were “targets.” The new immigrants quickly learned that the Indians would go great distances to plunder, murder, enslave, torture and even eat those who were not of their tribe. They could be nice for awhile, but the violent impulses could erupt at any time. The Indians were totally untrustworthy never virtuous unless knowing adverse consequences were close at hand. You “never knew what they were going to do” finally turned into “The only good Indian was a dead Indian.”

The early settlers, if about to be taken over by a band of savages, would kill their own children and wives to spare them capture, torture, and death at the hands of these sub-human animals. Indians loved to cut people and watch them bleed, doing such over and over for months. Indians would treat captured children as tentless dogs wandering about the camp hoping for some discarded food to be thrown to them. The captured children were molested, taunted and disfigured outrageously–some children had no human faces left when rescued, no doubt permanently mentally deranged by post-traumatic stress. As a child, I remember my grandfather, who settled Kansas, describing how all the farm men would gather fully armed when the Indian tribes came to visit their holy place called Waconda Springs. The farmers would greet the Indians with friendship but with firm reminder not to plunder any of the farms “or else.” And the Kansas farmers prohibited the Indians from their usual killing (“sacrifice”) of one or two little Indian girls being cut up and thrown into the Springs. As Indians slowly learned power-required-civility, they quit, but the Indians were totally horrible, unjust, prejudiced, murderous, brutal, torturing, and enslaving, whenever they could get away with it. If they could pick it up, like your purse, it was theirs to keep…and they believed that. There was always more–Almost totally savage except when faking civility because of undeniable well-foreseen consequences. But Indians’ pretensions of civility cannot be exaggerated, because it was short lived once they thought in power or that could get away with it. To sanctify Native Americans is unhistorical, false, and censoring/forgetting/condoning all their atrocious misdeeds against any and all if they could get away with it. Celebrating Indigenous Peoples is a mocking of thousands of Indian victims. Slavery in America was a picnic compared to Indian (and, by the way, Muslim) slavery.

If all alleged wrong-doers, from General Lee to FDR to Father Serra, are being corrected and iconoclasted from American history, equality and justice demand that ALL INDIAN REMEMBRANCES MUST GO AND BE DESTROYED. Look up “Indian atrocities” on Amazon. “Equality” demands equal treatment. And a factual look at Christopher Columbus must be honestly done–his misdeeds were consistent with the socially primitive times as with Washington, Jefferson, Lee and other historical figures for whom “slavery” was the only method of “employment” in those days. Father Serra helped Indians become “human” instead of savages. The misdeeds of civilizers pale to those of the brutal Indigenous People, as werre FDRs refusing refuge to Jews fleeing Nazis and segregating and imprisoning Japanese and Italian Americans. The self-righteous “Indigenous People” celebrating is an intellectual and historical outrage as are the iconoclasms of most historical figures. There has been a lot of it by those who did not live it. Those sanctifying Indians take self-righteous delusional “better-than-thou” pleasure as they impose their “how great I am to think this way because I would have known better” fantasies which rewrite history, which appeals to every one’s imagined ill-logical better-than-thou self-righteousness. Iconoclasts basically “act out their emotions” which used to be known as a psychiatric disorder. As I understand it, this is standard college education today…which basically is a suggestibility disease of indoctrination/seduction. Today, all college graduates have masturbation degrees in self-righteous deluded arrogance. It is epidemic in “liberals” who revel in impudence rarely, if ever, confirmed by historical facts. They like to re-write history so they are the celebrities, not recognizing that “celebritism” is a disease (“Satan Turned Into An Angel of Light” available from

POSTSCRIPT: First, it is illegal to dyscolor or misuse the American Flag for political purposes. Second, it is OFFENSIVE to promote or celebrate anyone or anything creating or serving SLAVERY–from Lee to Jefferson to Indigenous Peoples, and from Confederate Flag or Confederate remembrances to anything English or African or Islamic!!!
An “African American Flag” is an absolute celebration of slavery–It is outrageous grandiose self-righteous arrogance. The black cult wants “red, black, and blue” instead of “Red, White, and Blue.” To protest slavery and racism, there should be NO CELEBRATION OF ANYTHING OF GREAT BRITAIN OR AFRICA OR ISLAM.
For the first example, because they had the ship fleets to sail across the ocean, ENGLAND was the biggest SLAVE TRANSPORTER in the world for centuries until early 1800s. ENGLAND also enslaved, starved and killed millions of Irish…and many others wherever the British Empire went. Because of oppressive slavery promotion, British ships should never be allowed to stop in any American harbor from Iceland to the farther tip of South America. All remembrances and promotions of British Navy must stop.
For the second example, amazingly, it seems some blacks REVEL in their African genetics which is outrageous bizarre wishful thinking. AFRICAN nations EXPORTED SLAVES by the millions for profit, and still do. There would have been no slavery if African nations refused to provide slaves. The multiple colors representing African nations in the African American Flag is slavery adoration and an illegal treatment of the American Flag. West African nations EXPORTED several million slaves by sea to the Americas over 2 centuries.
For the third example, East African nations profitably exported 14 MILLION slaves by land to Middle East ISLAM over 12 centuries, and ALL were worked to death, castrated or killed without any significant resulting descendants (like today’s living 45 million Negro American descendants of 4 million slaves freed in America by the Civil War). ISLAM never had even small organized groups of Africans like the NAACP in the US. Also, Muslim pirates attacked American ships so much that America declared war on Islam when Jefferson was president. All Muslims must sign a Citizenship Certification to remain in the United States: CITIZENSHIP CERTIFICATION FOR MUSLIMS:
I reject completely and forever that all nations who have not acknowledged the authority of the Quran are sinners; and that it is not my right and not my duty to make war upon non-Muslims wherever they are found or to make slaves of all I can take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise. I pledge allegiance to this country and I reject its surrender to Islam; and I will fight to defend this country’s independence, culture, leadership and laws. If I break this promise, I will voluntarily leave, within six months, to go live in an Islamic country in the Middle East.

Signed this date__________, by_____________________________

ENGLAND, AFRICAN, and ISLAMIC COUNTRIES created and built SLAVERY, making AMERICA, ironically, to be the best friend African slaves ever had, especially with Civil War victorious Caucasians basically ending slavery in the world (except in Islam). Needed is a museum with names and caskets for each of the one and a half million Caucasians in America who died winning the Civil War to stop slavery (Three Caucasians died for every eight slaves freed! And twenty million Northern Caucasians caused the defeat of the Confederacy.).
Are Negros in America stupid and inferior, or just do not know that to have slave ancestors in America was the luckiest thing that ever happened for them? I know they are better than that. They are just emotional victimists as manipulated by irrationally angry Black Lives Matter which could and should do good instead of create hate. But, if slavery and related racism are to be remembered and protested, all British, African and Islamic flags, statues, organizations, and remembrances must be removed as must all Native American stuff (as described). Equal treatment is required for all guilty of past misdeeds…and better remembering and imitating the majority in America who struggled and sacrificed for truth, oneness, good and beauty for all.

5 years ago

From what I understand the blacks are part of a movement called “black Israelis”. They “claim” to be the “real Israelites”, which is quite odd since many Rabbis can trace their lineage back to the time of Moses. I’ll just bet these people cannot trace their own lineage past a few generations.

I suppose since Vietnam veterans were so harshly treated nearly everyone feels the compulsion to “honor their service”. When people make it their life’s mission to instigate a fraud upon the people they have brought “dishonor” to their service and warrant no such accolades and have no such honor. They deserve Nothing but scorn. There “is” a code of honor within the service and this man violated every principle of that code. He is just another John Kerry type who goes in front of a Congressional Committee and recites something he heard as if he was present when it occurred. People need to wake up to the fact there are “veterans” who are just as evil as others in society and their service does not absolve them of actions and frauds they commit.

Apparently many Conservatives have yet to learn the lesson of “fake news”. I didn’t see any original reporting on this but if “main stream” news organizations put it out there I would not believe a word of it. These are the same organizations that elevate “Antifa” groups to be “social justice” stalwarts. It’s a real disappointment to see some now having to “apologize” for listening to “gossip mongers”, aka “news” organizations. Haven’t they learned how Easy it is for videos to be manipulated to create a false narrative. Study the Muhammad al-Durah incident and see how manipulation is achieved and how it took years for a French court to eventually find the truth. News itself is manipulation as long as their is a cutting room floor.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Media is a waste of time watching any of it, they are merely agents of disinformation for the Left, spreading propaganda.