MSM Screams Russia! Russia! Russia! Switching Out ‘Meddling’ for ‘Collusion’


“Regardless of your views on Russia, Trump and the rest, nobody can possibly regard this climate as healthy. Just look at how many major, incredibly inflammatory stories, from major media outlets, have collapsed.” ~ The Intercept founder Glenn Greenwald

U.S. media has helped Russia meddle and infiltrate in our elections. They do it by responding to fake or exaggerated news stories about collusion. The stories help cause the very chaos Russia hopes to create.

Mainstream news outlets have recently turned from Russian collusion stories to Russian “meddling” and “infiltration”. At the same time, they are making those words synonyomous with “collusion”.


The effort grew on Tuesday after Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, told the Senate Intelligence Committee that they have seen “Russian activity and intentions” to target this November’s midterm elections. CIA Director Nick Pompeo echoed those comments.

MSM decided to turn “Infiltration” Into “Collusion” and you know why

NPR: “The Russia Investigations: Is ‘Infiltration’ The New ‘Collusion’?”

THE WASHINGTON POST:  “When we talk about Russian meddling what do we actually mean?”

CNN: “The directors of the CIA, FBI and national intelligence all testified Tuesday that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. The President is still not buying it, sources say.”

VOX: “The nation’s top spy just said Russia might meddle in the 2018 midterms”

Important but subtle distinctions

“Collusion” refers to some sort of actual coordination or secret deal. It’s a specific allegation and, in this context, is the charge that the Trump people somehow worked with the Russians.

“Infiltration” means an effort by someone to work their way into an organization.

“Meddling” is more of a catch-all term that can refer to infiltration, hacking, or other attempts to influence public opinion.

MSM wants you to think “election meddling” is rare

Readers are led to think “election meddling” by countries is rare, but it’s fairly common practice. Our country is one of the biggest meddlers.

Carnegie Mellon University researcher Dov Levin estimates that the United States has influenced foreign elections over 80 times between 1946 and 2000, not including support for coups. He argues the U.S. has done this more than other countries, with Russia’s hand seen in 36 similar actions.

In 1968, Moscow (then part of the USSR) was so eager to prevent the election of Nixon that it offered to fund the campaign of the Democratic opponent, Hubert Humphrey.

In 1970, Soviet spies forged FBI documents to make it appear that anti-communist Democrat Scoop Jackson was secretly gay and sent the false info to numerous newspapers.

MSM deliberately loses it in translation

A similar nuance would be the pivot from “global warming” to the vague, undefinable “climate change”.

And the MSM can’t understand why no one trusts them as they self-destruct over hate for Trump.

This article with a more neutral title, ‘Russian Translation’, was sent in an email by Ken LaCorte of LaCorte News. His version was far more neutral. Independent Sentinel is right-leaning.

LaCorte News is a down-the-center reporting news site just getting off the ground. Ken LaCorte was a longtime executive with Fox News, running the online division. Consider getting the emails. They are very worthwhile.

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