MSM/Social Media Are Trying to Destroy Candace Owens Today


Journalists, starting with BuzzFeed, are attempting to paint Candace Owens as a Hitler supporter or apologist by taking comments she made in the U.K. out of context. These lunatics in the media are so over the line.

They are calling her a deranged Hitler supporter. The social media mob is out to get her.

BuzzFeed, a truly despicable ‘news’ outlet, took a few paragraphs out of context from an unearthed youtube speech she made at a Turning Point event in the U.K. They quoted her one poorly worded line: “He was a national socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine.

They took it out of context to denigrate her publicly without even running it by her. Ms. Owens was trying to explain that nationalism and national socialism are two different things. During the speech, she condemned Hitler.

BuzzFeed wanted some clickbait for Trump haters, and she is a Trump supporter.

Who in the world would think she would ever defend the monster, Adolf Hitler?





  1. MSM does this crap daily with Trump, take his twitter, speeches, comments totally out of context. its all about brainwashing the idiots that watch their BREAKING NEWS

  2. Taking issues out of context is foolish. For years Jews hated Henry Ford and would not buy Fords because Henry once said he admired Hitler for lifting the German people up and bringing Germany to economic prosperity after the devastating effects of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany following WWI. No thinking person would even dream Henry Ford agreed with Hitler’s politics, his Nazi Party, his atrocities, his plans to conquer the world, etc.

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