MSM Stands Up for Antifa [Video]


Andy Ngo is out of the hospital and plans to sue the Antifa leftists who beat him, causing a brain bleed. Michelle Malkin started a GoFundMe page for himwhich exceeded its goal and will be used for his medical bills and legal representation.

There were others beaten and police were also assaulted. This is par for the course. People might want to retweet their unmasked faces in the tweet below so people know who some of the cowards are. You will notice they are all white.

That takes us to the point. Democrats and the MSM stand up for these people or remain silent. The Mayor of Portland even lied to defend his stand down order to police. This lends credence to the so-called ‘crazy right-wing’ who say Antifa are their brown shirts.

Joe Biden started off his campaign by praising Antifa. He called the anti-free speechers “courageous” and was happy to see they were beating up right-wingers, calling all of them fascists. The Democrat media promotes them.

Who’s crazy?

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