MSNBC Analyst Trashes Kavanaugh’s Heartbreaking Statement


A very nasty MSNBC analyst turned Brett Kavanaugh’s heartbreaking comments into something to be mocked. One of the station’s soulless analyst’s called it a “temper tantrum”.


Are we supposed to cower at the feet of these dishonest media hacks and be convinced by this? Doesn’t she understand what is being done to this man? White men have been successfully demonized and people think they can say anything they want about them.

MSNBC legal analyst Cynthia Alksne called Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee a “temper tantrum”.

“Well, I thought it was a temper tantrum, I mean he wants to be on the Supreme Court, and he’s not going to be,” Alksne said. “You have a feeling for what he’s like, as his roommate from Yale described him, when he drank. He can be an angry and belligerent drunk.”

This next clip is Judge Kavanaugh’s full opening statement.




  1. MSNBC is the Pravda of liberalism. I’m sure Stalin or Mao didn’t feel much for their victims either. MSNBC lacks any moral or ethical standing in journalism, let alone the human race.

  2. I stopped listening after 16 seconds. What will she say if he IS confirmed.

    I remember well a time “I” was falling down drunk, which was about 40 years ago, and, in every specific detail. It’s funny to even think about it but it changed the way I drank from then on. I even remember finally falling on the bed and the room spinning wildly.

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