MSNBC Blatherskite Blames Trump for a “White” Man Knocking His Child Over


MSNBC contributor and anti-right author, Gabe Sherman is claiming that an “old rich white male” bumped into his 15-month old daughter and behaved rudely because of Trump. The old rich man had a nasty rich wife too apparently.

Sherman summed it up by blaming Trump for dividing America, adding that it is the attitude of all old, rich white men.

One must wonder if Sherman was letting his daughter run wild while elderly people were trying to walk, and who knows if any of it happened.

“Rich, white people exhibit the worst kind of victimhood and lack of empathy”? WOW!

Even if you believe Sherman’s description of how it went down, blaming all “old and rich white men” is stereotyping and it’s racism/ageism/class bias. The author — turned commentator — argued that Trump caused the entire event by making Americans angry.

He says this even as Democrat mobs run around attacking people.

People do rude things for all sorts of reasons. Can Sherman read this man’s mind? That is the only way he could know his motivations were tied to Trump.

If this story is it all true, how does he know the man is rich and did it because he was a rich old white man — nasty because of Trump?

Sherman is the one helping to divide America with his ridiculous, illogical views based on no evidence.

Sherman is famous for having written a very nasty and biased biography of Roger Ailes, blaming him for the division in America.

All was well with the left when conservatives didn’t have a voice and then Roger Ailes gave them one. Of course, Democrats were also normal then so it didn’t seem so bad.

It’s a pity Sherman is propagating. One could envision him watching the beheadings with Robespierre.

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