MSNBC Blatherskite Says Trump Sent a “Siren” Signal to Coast Guard Skinhead


MSM is spreading vile hate again. A crazy, drug-addled skinhead in the Coast Guard wants to kill almost everyone and had a list of prominent Democrats, some in the media, he especially wanted dead. That was the left’s cue to blame the President for it. MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance said that the President sent a “siren,” not a dog whistle to these people.

“When Trump, “says, ‘I would not kill the media dot dot dot,’ he is leaving it up to the foot soldier to act as an independent actor,” Nance said on AMJoy where any hate-filled comment against the right is A-OK.

This is beyond irresponsible. Did Nance forget there are Democrats who are insane and have actually hurt and tried to kill Republicans? Take the maniac Bernie supporter in Arlington who kept a hit list of Republicans and did shoot a number of them on a ballfield. What about the Bernie supporter who beat Senator Rand Paul?

We all know the media is corrupt from statements like this, not from anything the President said.

MSNBC couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski screamed at one of their guests Thursday insisting (without evidence!) that Hasson’s unfulfilled plans to kill a bunch of Democrats and media liberals was directly inspired by a devotion to Trump.

NY Mag irresponsibly said Trump should stop telling hateful lies that terrorists believe.

The media wants to silence Trump so they can have a clear field.

Basically, the left is now comparing the President with a drug using skinhead – who wants “to kill almost everyone on earth.” Last I heard, “almost everyone” takes in a lot of Republicans. But MSNBC thinks that’s an okay thing to say. Then they will tell you it’s the President spreading hate, not them.


The 49-year-old Coast Guard lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson is charged with stockpiling weapons and drugs.

He is a self-described white nationalist living in Silver Spring, Maryland. He had plans to launch a widespread attack on prominent Democratic lawmakers, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and several high-profile television anchors from MSNBC and CNN.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Day ordered Hasson held without bail as the prosecution requested.

However, Day gave the government 14 days to present more serious charges against Hasson. If it fails to do so, Day said he would entertain a defense motion for release.

Hasson faces a misdemeanor drug charge and a felony weapons possession charge related to illegal drug use.

It sounds like they don’t have enough on him to keep him in prison for long. Much of their case includes comparisons they make to the Norweigan mass killer who is also a skinhead looking for purity in the race. But how do you make a case out of another killer? That’s a thought crime. Hasson needs serious intervention, perhaps in a mental hospital and he needs to get off drugs.

Law enforcement found an insane note in his deletions folder in which Hasson said he wants “to kill almost every last person on earth” and thought Anthrax, the Spanish flu or botulism might do it. He mentions enlisting the aid of Russia or some other enemy, but not “Muslim scum.” Hasson also hates Jews. In fact, he hates everybody except skinheads.

In a September 2017 draft letter to a neo-Nazi leader, he said he was a skinhead for 30 plus years, since before his time in the army.

Hasson also visited extremist websites. In short, he has been collecting a lot of guns since 2017, stockpiles drugs, and hates everyone, and had a Democrat hit list.

The left-wing media and politicians have been claiming all people on the right are like this guy. No conservative or Republican embraces skinheads. They reject them. On the other hand, the Democrats embrace communists and socialists who want to overturn our government.

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