Fox News and ESPN split top honors for the week of Sept. 2. Fox News was the most-watched basic cable network in total day for the 35thconsecutive week.

TVNewser, founded by CNN’s biggest unreliable source Brian Stelter, praised CNN: CNN remained a top 10 network, and performed especially well in prime time. Viewers from the A25-54 demo seemed to choose CNN over MSNBC when it came to breaking news coverage of Hurricane Dorian.

You would never know from that paragraph that CNN and MSNBC took a nosedive in ratings last week, with both networks hemorrhaging nearly a third of their respective prime time audiences and a quarter of their respective day-long audiences from this time last year.

Fox News experienced a small reduction in ratings.

Further down in the story, they tell the truth: “When compared with the same week in 2018, Fox News was -5% in total prime time viewers, MSNBC was -31%, CNN was -26%,” Adweek reported Tuesday, citing the latest Nielsen data. “In total day, Fox was -8%, MSNBC was -27% CNN was -19%.”

That is a trend and appears to show the audiences are not coming back, at least not yet. Cable is becoming less popular and the worst stations are going down first. CNN and MSNBC are only for the hardcore Trump haters and leftists.

Both stations focus on attacking the President 24/7 but MSNBC is more conspiratorial. It’s in the Twilight Zone range. The networks represent fringe news.

The official results for last week may be seen below:

Basic cable ranker: Week of… by TVNewser on Scribd

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