MSNBC commentator says Trump’s been laundering Russian $$$ for years


MSNBC commentator and conspiracy theorist Donny Deutsch slandered the President on Morning Joe, claiming, with no evidence, that the President has been laundering money for Russian criminals for 30 years.

Let’s think about that a moment. The President has been scrutinized by the DOJ/FBI, the Manhattan DA, the Southern District of New York, numerous congressional committees, but it took Donny to figure this out. No one else could, just Donny.

He doesn’t have any evidence, but he doesn’t need any since the President no longer has constitutional rights. He can be accused of anything at any time.


“This is all about failed casinos,” Deutsch said during his appearance, according to Fox News.

“[Trump] is owned by Putin because he’s been laundering money, Russian money, for the last 20, 30 years. He’s owned by them.”

“You talk to any banker in New York, any business person in New York, any real estate person … we have a president that’s selling out our military, that’s costing lives because he is owned by our geopolitical enemy,” Deutsch continued.

Damn! Why didn’t Mueller do that and save us $32 million?

“Because he’s been laundering money for him as a criminal organization for the last 30 years.”

Any banker??? If I did, I’m sure they’d look at me as if I grew an extra head out of my butt. If it’s such common knowledge, why did we fork over $32 million or so in tax dollars for Robert Mueller and his team? All we had to do is ask any banker or businessman or a real estate agent.

I’m going to call my real estate agent tomorrow and check it out.

Donny’s blather is very absurd.

Scarborough, being Scarborough, did not push back. Instead, he wondered what Putin has on Trump, totally confusing actions Trump took with Iran, ISIS, Russia, Turkey, and so on.

“We all will be absolutely fascinated when we finally figure out what Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump and why Donald Trump has surrendered the Middle East, helped ISIS, helped Iran, helped Russia, helped Turkey, helped all of our enemies and betrayed all of our allies,” Scarborough said.

“A lot of people think… [Putin] has compromising pictures or something happened in a hotel in Russia years ago. No. It goes back to money. It’s always about money.”

We still have tens of thousands of military in the Middle East, the President is responsible for obliterating ISIS and killing Baghdadi, he sanctioned Iran from here to Sunday, he sanctioned Russia from here to Sunday, and Turkey is our NATO ally. If we listened to people like this, we would have been at war several times in the last three years.

In our humble opinion, Scarborough is a numbskull, and Donny is insane, perhaps dangerously so.

Deutsche always spreads rumors and spouts hysterical nonsense. Remember when he said the sole purpose of so-called assault weapons is to “kill people?” Then there was the Deutsche bombshell story about Trump having Russian oligarch co-signers on his loans. That wasn’t true. Donny’s non-stop crazy.

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