MSNBC Fraud Brian Williams Smears AG Bill Barr as “Baghdad Bill”


Disgraced, fired, rehired former NBC anchor Brian Williams on Thursday morning compared the Attorney General to a former Iraqi propaganda minister, Baghdad Bob.

Williams, who falsely claimed he was shot down over Iraq in 2003, smeared Bill Barr, calling him Baghdad Bill. Williams thinks he’s clever, but he’s really just a lying opportunist. Calling him by the name of a former propagandist for a nation of terror isn’t clever, it’s nasty and trite.

The arrogant fake reporter was relegated to MSNBC because he disgraced himself at NBC with his lies.

He has the gall to accuse Bill Barr of being a propagandist like Baghdad Bob when all he did was present the facts of the Mueller report which cleared the president.

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3 years ago

He left one of the “prominent’ networks and shelved into a two-bit network. If he’s SO valuable in his thinking and reporting then WHY isn’t he “back” on NBC. Evidently they STILL don’t want him. That makes him worthless. As many leftists there are, the ratings, even on a good day, are quite pathetic. People on YouTube garner more viewers.

3 years ago

Brian who?