MSNBC Now Claims Phone Logs Showed Criminal Activity


After NBC reported today that the Feds in New York were wiretapping the President, they had to take it back. They said they only kept call logs which contain metadata.

After correcting the embarrassing error, MSNBC has turned to reporting that the metadata likely showed criminal activity. That allowed them to get the warrant to raid Michael Cohen’s hotel, home and office. Cohen is Trump’s personal attorney.

Phone metadata shows the number dialed, time of the calls and duration. It could be the Feds cross-referenced with other calls or movement made around that time, and perhaps they tied something together.

Text metadata was also collected and that gives geographical locations.

The call logs might not have anything to do with the warrant.

If there was no good reason to conduct the raid, and a campaign finance violations is not a good reason, then we are talking about a surveillance state.

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