MSNBC Now Claims Phone Logs Showed Criminal Activity

After NBC reported today that the Feds in New York were wiretapping the President, they had to take it back. They said they only kept call logs which contain metadata.

After correcting the embarrassing error, MSNBC has turned to reporting that the metadata likely showed criminal activity. That allowed them to get the warrant to raid Michael Cohen’s hotel, home and office. Cohen is Trump’s personal attorney.

Phone metadata shows the number dialed, time of the calls and duration. It could be the Feds cross-referenced with other calls or movement made around that time, and perhaps they tied something together.

Text metadata was also collected and that gives geographical locations.

The call logs might not have anything to do with the warrant.

If there was no good reason to conduct the raid, and a campaign finance violations is not a good reason, then we are talking about a surveillance state.


  1. let me see here If I had an attorney and he called me it would be criminal behavior???? If I called him it would be a criminal act???? NBC I know your listeners are stupid but you really think they are that stupid?

    • This NBC story is disinformation. NBC angered the deep state by reporting the surveillance, so they now try to compensate by stating illegal activity was found.

  2. If this all ends up being much ado about nothing these networks will have destroyed any credibility to most everyone. They will be a literal joke and this entire narrative will be used anytime the situation arises in the future.

    Today at the W.H. briefing the press were in their usual frantic behavior, with Major Garrett implying that Sarah could be legally liable for previous statements. These reporters aren’t just clueless, they are literally “stupid”. I remember when Arianna Huffington first came on the scene she said she wanted to create a site that would “expose” the media. Instead, for some reason she decided to tow the line.

    It would be quite instructive and informative if these briefings were analyzed along with the same reporters on-air reports to their networks. I once watched a briefing and then had to leave and heard Major Garrett’s report on the radio. It was all that was needed to understand the line of questioning in that room. They are not trying to “get” a story but “create” a story. That creation is made for “them” to be a “part” of the story. It’s all about “them” and their status, which is the reason behind the Correspondents Dinner. In the past reporters weren’t so keen on “being” the story but “what” the story was. By putting themselves “out there” their own credibility will suffer irreparable damage once this is all over.

    • The networks had no credibility long ago.

      This is a big story. They are actually spying on Trump associates still. Who else?

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