MSNBC Panelists Make Fools of Themselves Insulting Ted Cruz, Country Music, Lynchburg, Va



Since Ted Cruz’ brilliant speech announcing his run for president, the media has been attacking him viciously. The most absurd insult so far came from Jamilah Lemieux who must be a racist since she’s insulting a Cuban. It ironically took place on an MSNBC show called Now You’re Talking.

On CBS News This Morning, Ted Cruz said he has liked country music since 9/11. He related to the music and the messaging and said, “These are my people.” He didn’t like the way rock music responded to 9/11 at the time.

Lemieux is the senior Editor of Ebony magazine. She weighed in by tying it into killing Muslims, ignoring the radical terrorists who killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

“Nothing says, Let’s go kill some Muslims, like country music,” Lemieux said with more than a hint of affectation, “fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia. So, obviously he doesn’t want to be a polarizing figure, to bring people together. Absurd,” she said with disdain.

“Obviously”, journalist Joan Walsh said with the same affectation.

Obviously, Walsh is a racist too.

Cruz spoke in Lynchurg because that is where Liberty University is and that is where he gave his speech announcing his run. Lemieux undoubtedly doesn’t like the Evangelicals at Liberty either.

An announcer came on within minutes to apologize for the insult aimed at country music but the two bimbos haven’t and no one apologized for the insult aimed at Ted Cruz naturally.

MSNBC host Ari Melber appeared on-air with an apology for the slap at country music (they can’t afford to lose one more listener): “We have a programming note. A few minutes ago on this show, a guest made a comment about country music. That comment was not appropriate, and we want to be clear this network does not condone it. We apologize.”

Someone needs to explain to me why it was funny in the first place and what was absurd.

Via The Kelly File

If you go to Ebony, you will find anti-white articles; proof that white criminals are helped by police; white privilege is a fact articles (even though it was an invention of a liberal); and obsessive articles focused on injustice towards blacks. There are other stories, but it’s a tabloid that is not helpful to race relations and isn’t meant to be.