MSNBC Suggests Bomber Is the Sort Who Follows Drudge & Fox


Whatever agenda this mad bomber has is almost irrelevant since he has to be deranged. There is no sense in speculating about who or why. Democrats don’t agree and are out and about blaming the President. Some blame Trump’s followers.

That’s irresponsible.

A meme affixed to the CNN bomb sports naked ladies in fake ISIS font with the slogan ‘get ‘er done’, which comes from a sitcom, Larry, The Cable Guy. This strange person obviously wants attention. He will pay dearly for it because they will catch him and he will go away for a long time if it is a ‘he’ that is.


MSNBC’s Ben Collins suggested that the crazy mail bomber — if they are even bombs — probably reads Drudge Report and watches Fox.

Drudge is nothing but an aggregate with links and it leans left.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle began the interview of Collins talking about the ISIS meme on the device. She had Collins walk her through the investigation. He made note of the meme and mentioned the slogan.

Ruhle wanted to know what it means and he explained it is a meme that comes from a conservative website. It’s an obscure meme, he said.

Ruhle asked Collins about the group that created the meme and what they represent.

“It’s just some guy really. It’s a guy in Scottsdale, Arizona who made a meme in 2014. It’s been around conservative web forums, not like young people [forums],” Collins said. “I’m talking like people who follow the Drudge Report and Fox News and stuff like that. It’s that sort of circle.”


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

These people are only speculating, creating news all targeting conservatives.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Should you all vote “right” next few days…a lot of the mainstream media are either going to return to “journalism” or seek alternate employment. They barely withstood Trump’s election, tried throwing even the kitchen sink at him to derail the inauguration and have been outdoing themselves since in the line of STUPID!!!

Stephen Crawford
Stephen Crawford
5 years ago

As for me the most to gain would be a Democrat so I suggest that it just maybe a DEMOCRAT