MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Blames Trump for Gianforte Body Slamming a Reporter


MSNBC “News” reporter Andrea Mitchell is blaming President Trump for a House GOP candidate, Greg Gianforte, body slamming an annoying guardian reporter who was shoving a mic in his face demanding an answer to a question Gianforte had already refused to answer.

Mitchell’s reasoning is illogical and it is truly an example of why only 18% of Americans have a lot of trust in the media and why the majority say the mainstream publishes fake news.

This is fake news. She is twisting a completely unrelated event in Montana into Trump news to demonize Trump. People see through that.

MITCHELL: “All three newspapers in Montana have withdrawn their endorsements of Gianforte today. Yamiche Alcindor, what is the political impact of this? And take a step back, because a lot of my colleagues worked alongside this reporter. They say that he’s very even-tempered person, there was nothing that Ben Jacobs did to elicit this kind of response, but there is so much hostility to the press, a lot of it generated by the Donald Trump rallies and lot of my colleagues faced blow back from that. So this is kind of an extension of that, is it not?”

ALCINDOR: “It’s hard to say if it’s an extension of that because obviously while Donald Trump pointed at people, pointed at reporters like me and reporters like Katy Tur who were covering him, no one ever got physically assaulted by Donald Trump. I think in some way this person in Montana, this person who is running for Congress has a personal responsibility, even if he is angry at the press, to not body slam somebody. I think body slamming a reporter is taking it to a different and new level that even Donald Trump hasn’t taken it to. But there is this idea that there is so much hostility at the press. At the edge of it, there are so many rallies that I went to where you could see the people that were very angry, it almost got physical, or people were shoving or pushing reporters telling them to either stay in the pen or get away from them. I think in that regard, there is an escalation of that regard, we have seen the press be argued with, and we’ve seen the press be vilified and stereotyped by the President, and now you have this person taking it to a different level and body slamming somebody. And I don’t think that Ben did anything to deserve that. The recording speaks for itself. He was not screaming at him, he didn’t yell at him, he asked a question that someone running for Congress should answer.”

MITCHELL: “And the very fact that Donald Trump called the press the enemy of the people does take it to a new level.”

First of all, Donald Trump didn’t call the press the enemy of the people and they know it. He called the fake news the enemy of the people.

Secondly, the reason the press is vilified is because Americans know they have become illegitimate in their zeal to destroy Trump.

As LaCorte News wrote: Last November media bias increased from “pretty darn bad” to “unbelievably bad.” It’s not just that reporters are overwhelmingly liberal, but that they threw away their last bit of objectivity in order to stop Trump at all costs.

After the election, the press didn’t take time to examine their own biases but “doubled down.” It cost them their respect.​

LaCorte thinks conservative news hasn’t done much better because they’ve gone too far right to counter the left.

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