MSNBC’s Joy Reid Really Doesn’t Like the Constitution


MSNBC host Joy Reid tweeted this weekend that the voting power of rural Americans was the ‘core threat to our democracy.’

She referenced a tweet by Kyle Griffin of MSNBC that by 2040 [he apparently can predict the future] more people will live in highly populated states but will have the same number of senators as less populated states.

The alleged future disparity is a threat to her idae of democracy,

Drmocrates hate the idea of sharing power because, for them, it’s all about power and a permanent voting majority.

The tweet came from a Wall Street Journal article that was based on a prediction by David Birdsell, dean of the school of public and international affairs at Baruch College in New York City.

Bindsel is guessing and has no clear basis for his conclusion. His crystal ball is not an accurate determinant. Migration patterns are not reliable. Even if true, that’s nothing new. The majority of the population always lived in the cities.

It also retained the bicameral legislature. In the end, the compromise also kept senators from having a direct say in national laws. It provided balance and protected the rights of individual states.

What she is really objecting to is The Great Compromise of 1787. It made us who we are by deciding the legislative structure and representation of small and large states. As a result, while the House representation were to be based on population, the senate was to be weighted equally among the states. It gave less populous states a voice. It was also known as the Connecticut Compromise.

At the time, it saved the Constitutional Convention and probably the Union.

Reid is opposed to a core concept of the Constitution. She wants the populous liberal states to have all the power.

The left doesn’t want a Republic, they want a Socialist country.



  1. SO.. this BLACK person feels that states with a large population should be in control of the entire USA ??? SCREW HER…. This is the reason that it was put into the Constition in the first place so that the more populous states and the smaller states have EQUAL status ( new concept here for her ) in the Senate… Dont like it ??? you have 2 choices… 1) get enough states to activate a Constitutional Congress ( which requires a certain number of states to bring forth ) or 2 ) LEAVE… dont like it here go somewhere else .. preferably someplace like Iran, Syria, Somalia or some other country like that… HAVE A NICE TRIP

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