Much of Mueller’s Troll Indictment Comes From Old News Reports


We live in a virtual reality and Mueller’s indictment makes it a bit more obvious.

Since at least March 2015, we knew all about the Russian hordes of trolls, the cyber-Visigoths storming the gates of the Internet, infecting social media, metastisizing chaos, spreading propaganda of truth mixed in with lies. In fact, information about Russian trolls was available on the Internet and in newspapers as early as 2013.

Go to page six of the Mueller Troll Indictment and read on for several pages before you read this to get the full meaning. The indictment copies a lot of the key information from prior newspaper accounts dating back to at least to 2015. In other words, the FBI didn’t uncover this information. All they had to do was google it as I have. The agency even stole the photo of the “mysterious” troll farm building from newspaper articles.

Much of the information in the indictment is available on the Internet. With this available information, the FBI still did nothing until the Trump witch hunt began. In fact, John Kerry’s  State Department gave three of them visas to travel through the U.S. to collect data.

The free Internet is everything Putin the Terrible isn’t and he has invaded it with his authoritarian-minded end-goals. The U.S. is finally catching up a bit, but they are using newspaper articles in their investigative techniques a bit too much.


Weaponized Russian trolls came to the fore in mid-March in an article headlined “The Trolls Who Came In From The Cold”. It was published in the allegedly Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Radio Free Europe is an offshoot of US government propaganda network which answered directly to John Kerry while he was secretary of state. With this in mind, how did Kerry not know what the Russians were doing? Why did he give them visas?

A few days after the RFE/RL story, government-run BBC  followed up with “Inside Russia’s ‘Kremlin Troll Army’”. They published a tell-all interview with a defector from the Kremlin Troll Army named “Marat.”

That was very interesting because much of what he says is in the Mueller indictment, beginning on page six. It explains in detail what these trolls do.

Two government outlets bounced the Kremlin Troll Army story back and forth, prompting hysterical reporting, with follow-ups in the tech press and Vice, the New York Post, the Independent, and The Guardian.

All of that first appeared March 11, 2015, in a local Petersburg paper, Moi Rayon (“My Region”), “The Capital of Political Trolling” complete with photos, YouTube videos, and internal documents and screenshots of trolls. They’re not exactly news-breaking muckrakers but they were able to post the information.

An article in the Atlantic, “The Kremlin’s Troll Army” was written by Daisy Sindelair who works….wait for it…for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

BuzzFeed’s Max Seddon ten published his big Russian Troll exposé headlined, “Documents Show How Russia’s Troll Army Hit America.”

Russians also published the information in a magazine in October 2017.

So many exposés and now one from Robert Mueller that sounds just like previous exposés!

BuzzFeed got it from a 2013 article in Russia’s Novaya Gazeta, exposing “Where the Trolls Live, and Who Feeds Them”.

These exposés are as mysterious and secretive as frog warts.


Most of the articles used the same words in the Mueller indictment from the description, the name of the factory — it’s nickname is the “Ministry of Truth”.

Israel is notorious for paying legions of social media trolls to wage hasbara PR wars with its critics. Ukraine established an actual Ministry of Truth and plays online underdog in its trolling wars with Russia, even though Ukraine hardly suffers from hostile western opinion the way its armed forces suffer on the battlefield against Russia.

We know North Korea, China, and Iran do it.

Barack Obama and the Koch Brothers have reportedly done the same. Remember how Cass Sunstein said it was appropriate to nudge Americans with government “truth” based on the views of whoever is in charge? Most of us call that propaganda. Obama even made propaganda legal once again.

I know nothing about The Duran and can’t say if they are reliable, but you can click the link and read what they have to say.

This is the mysterious Internet Troll Factory in St. Petersburg. This photo was available on the Internet in 2015. – no brilliant investigative work needed.



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