Much of Ukraine Goes Dark After Russia’s Retaliatory Strikes


Zero Hedge reported earlier on the clear escalation in Ukraine’s cross-border strikes on Russia’s energy infrastructure. Joe Biden told Ukraine to stop, but they didn’t.

Russia retaliated and ramped up major airstrikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

The Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) stated in a presser that they had launched retaliatory attacks in direct response to the shelling of Russian territory.

MOD has reported a massive strike with long-range precision weapons and drones on key facilities in the Ukrainian energy sector and military industry, as well as railway junctions, arsenals, and locations where Ukrainian military personnel and foreign mercenaries are deployed, reports Tass.

TASS said the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP), the largest in Ukraine, has been shut down due to explosions. One of its units, HPP-2, is “in critical condition,” according to plant officials. The plant’s turbine room and electrical equipment have been destroyed.

Moscow also hit foreign military equipment and ordnance delivered by NATO countries,” which were destroyed, according to state-run TASS.

A Russian cruise missile appears to have slammed into the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Plant:

US state-backed RFERL has also reported Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant was impacted in the large wave of Friday’s Russian air assault.

Large areas of Ukraine are suffering blackouts. Their largest dam was hit.

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