Mueller deceptively edited Trump’s lawyer’s call to make them look worse


Mueller left key information out of his report. He deceptively edited a phone call made by Trump’s attorney to make Trump and his attorney look worse. What else did Mueller and his team lie about?

The actual transcript of a phone call between Trump’s attorney John Dowd and Michael Flynn’s was released Friday night by court order. It is not the same transcript in the Mueller report. It was selectively edited to make the Trump team look worse and potentially guilty of obstruction.

The leaked call was part of the Mueller investigation into obstruction.

The Mueller report left out the context and a qualifier, namely, Dowd wanted to know if he could give him a “heads up” if he knew of information that “implicates the President. What Mueller left out included this phrase: “without having to give up any…um confidential information. so, uhm, if it’s the former, then you know.”

Dowd said he wanted to know if there was a “national security issue, I don’t know, some issue, we got to…we got to deal with, not only for the President but for the country.” That was edited out too.

The Trump attorney, John Dowd, wasn’t looking for confidential information and he was seeking information for the entire country, not just the President’s legal team in the event there was a national security issue involved.

Dowd was none too happy about the deception in the Mueller report.

“This is clearly a baseless, political document designed to smear and damage the reputation of counsel and innocent people,” Dowd said in a statement Friday.

This was the actual transcript just released:

Dowd’s message was not unusual and he didn’t want any classifed information. CNN producer Marshall Cohen highlighted the sections that were left out of Mueller’s report.

Rep. Devin Nunes called it “fraud.” He tweeted the side-by-side comparisons:



    • He is just another low life sleazy scumbag that is bred by the dnc. and the political establishment in general….They continue to proliferate thanks to a controlled corrupted mainstream media!!!

  1. Mueller is a scumbag. Just like he was when he was head of the FBI and sent four innocent men to prison for the murder his buddy mobster Whitey Bulger.s informant did. Those four men were exonerated and the Feds had to pay $104 million for false imprisonment. He’s disgraced the Marine uniform with his fraudulent behavior. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald and that Black guy who shot five Dallas Police officers at at BLM protests. I’m a veteran and I’m ashamed we have guys like Mueller serving in government.

  2. This is SOP not just for Mueller and Weissman but for the entire DOJ. They alter, withhold, fabricate, exaggerate, doctor evidence all of the time. They are very good at it.They manipulate the courts, the FBI and the entire system. The entire department needs to be cleaned out and repalced.It is a haven for the worst criminals in history of the USA.These criminals are the servants,the aiders and abettors of the oligarchy that is milking this country and people dry.

  3. The same thing was done with Papadoloous, but the result with him was much worse. It makes you wonder how far these rats have gone.

  4. Why am I not surprised? Reading of his history in the various positions he has held in the past, embarasses me as an American. Its the stuff of third world bannana republics. Hiring Wessman as the head lawyer in the investigation almost guaranteed that the process would be corrupted. And it was.
    Looking forward to the continued investigations of the investigators for all that the results may reveal.
    More popcorn.

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