Mueller doesn’t seem to want to testify, will Dems imprison him?


Democrats in Congress who hope to find grounds for impeachment for their 20 investigations (witch trials) are continually disappointed. No one is testifying, including Don McGahn. It also appears Robert Mueller is not interested in testifying.

Mr. Mueller, who was invited to testify by the chairmen of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees a month ago, has not agreed to do so, the Times wrote.

“Mr. Mueller, who was invited to testify by the chairmen of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees a month ago, has not agreed to do so,” The New York Times reported Wednesday.

No problem, they can have the sergeant-at-arms go to his house and drag him in or arrest him. [We’re joking]

The Times continued: His absence has left a disappointed House majority with little option but to stage political theatrics like Thursday’s 12-hour reading of the entire redacted Mueller report in a hideaway Capitol committee room before a few reporters, a guest appearance by the liberal activist actor John Cusack and the unblinking eye of a C-Span camera.

Dems might hold hearings with empty chairs.

Via The Times:

Over the past week, aides with the House Judiciary Committee have been negotiating with aides to Mr. Mueller to get the special counsel, who remains an employee of the Justice Department, to testify. Those talks grind on over the format and the length of his appearance, according to two people close to the deliberations.

It is not clear if he would appear alone or with key aides who helped draft the report, they said. Some committee Democrats have expressed the opinion that two top Mueller aides, Aaron M. Zebley and Andrew Weissmann, would feel less constrained about criticizing the president than Mr. Mueller.

Mr. Schiff’s staff has also been talking to Mr. Mueller’s office, and the congressman expressed optimism that a deal could be struck. “I think we’ll get there,” he said.

There appears to be a lot of reluctance there!

Pelosi threatened an impeachment inquiry — not impeachment — but an inquiry with no legislative purpose except to force the release of documents and testimony.

Witch hunt!

Rep. Dan Crenshaw slammed them:

The President is calling out the FBI spying as TREASON, but the House majority is remarkably uninterested in that possibility. What does that make them?

If the investigation is treason as the President believes, then what is the continued witch hunt by the House majority?

A majority of Americans, 58%, now believe the FBI broke the law by investigating the President.

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4 years ago

What an incredible misunderstanding of the situation people had to believe Mueller would submit to questioning from people such as Jordan. Mueller is extremely vulnerable to questions in multiple areas. He is a criminal operating within the establishment. He does not accept persecution, but is proficient at persecuting. He’s a coward, will only appear in a tightly controlled and friendly setting.

Joe D
Joe D
4 years ago

Mr. Nadler, please compel Mueller to testify under oath. The republicans on your committee have so many questions for him. We would like to know at what point did he know that Trump, nor any of his people colluded with the Russians. Did he purposely withhold information about Trumps collusion innocence until after the mid-term elections for political purposes?

Mueller’s instructions regarding the report preparation required him to identify grand jury information in the actual report so the report could be quickly redacted and released. Was Mueller’s refusal to identify the grand jury information in the report just incompetence, or was it a purposeful attempt to delay the release of the report to allow the democrats in Congress an opportunity to continue the witch hunt. You would think that when you pay more than 25 million dollars for a report the author would at least follow his instructions.

Where is the information in Mueller’s report about the phony Hillary dossier? Mueller certainly had to research the origins of the dossier during his investigation to determine if Trump was guilty. Did Mueller and his team not research the dossier, or could it possibly be that what they found did not support the dems narrative so details about the dossier were omitted? I’m sure Mr. Mueller would not obstruct justice so we would like to know what he turned up about the Russian dossier.