Mueller Drops a Bomb from Justice, Subtly Pushing Impeachment [Video]


Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke from the Justice Department at 11 a.m.  Mueller is not one to grab the spotlight, but he wanted to accuse the President while pretending he is not accusing him. He added he will not testify or speak of this again.

Mueller did not say there was no collusion or obstruction, what he said is he had insufficient evidence to charge anyone with crimes. That does reflect what he said in the report except he was stronger than what was in his report. The report stated no American conspired with Russia.

Robert Mueller

He gave Democrats fodder for impeachment and gave the crazed Congress credibility.

Mueller said there was Russian interference but there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone with broader conspiracy.

Mueller said they could have said the President did not commit a crime, they would have. They didn’t move further with the charges of obstruction or conspiracy because they can’t accuse a President without the benefit of a trial. There would be no trial since he is a sitting President.

This is disgusting. While Mueller insisted the team couldn’t consider the option of charging a President with a crime, that doesn’t make sense. If the President conspired with Russia, of course, he could have said it — in the least, he could have stated that. In fact, why spend $35 million if nothing could come of it. What he is saying is it’s up to Congress to impeach.

Mueller made it clear he was leaving this to Congress to decide if the President can be punished.

His statement is different from what AG Bill Barr and President Trump have said.

Mueller wrote a convoluted two-part report and did not find the President guilty of a crime. On the other hand, Ken Starr found then-President Bill Clinton guilty. Mueller interviewed 500 people, put people in solitary confinement, spent $35 million, had a team of left-wing Trump hating lawyers and couldn’t prove a thing. That means President Trump is innocent, but Mueller wants to convict him anyway.

Mueller could have said he was guilty of obstruction without saying it’s a crime, but he didn’t. He opened up a can of worms and took a parting shot at his former boss.

Mueller signaled his disagreement with the Attorney General’s summary of the conclusions by saying he didn’t question his motives.

The special counsel who also announced his resignation should shut the hell up.

The President responded minutes ago on twitter saying, “Nothing changes from the Mueller Report. There was insufficient evidence and therefore, in our Country, a person is innocent. The case is closed! Thank you”

Go to 26:30:

If you have a problem with that clip, watch here:

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