Mueller Gang Are “Trying to Put the President and His Family in Jail”


The Wall Street Journal, not a Trump-friendly news outlet, is the lone media outlet calling for Robert Mueller to step down. Judicial Watch President Tom Litton has also been calling for his firing as it becomes clearer that Mueller, investigating despite serious conflicts of interest, is trying to put the President and his family in jail.

The President of Judicial Watch believes Mueller is operating his own separate Department of Justice without oversight from Congress or the President.

Fitton explains the President was correct in wanting to fire Jeff Sessions over recusing himself from the Russia investigation, something Sessions didn’t need to do. There was no need whatsoever for Sessions to recuse himself.

Now we have a Special Counsel who is out of control. He is seeking the President’s bank records which have nothing to do with Russia.

Mueller has gone rogue

Rod Rosenstein doesn’t require Mueller to report to him on a day-to-day basis. As Fitton summarized what that means constitutionally: So they bring an outside lawyer into the Justice Department, not subject to confirmation by the Senate, not subject to someone who is confirmed by the Senate or the President, who gets to run around prosecuting people, empaneling grand juries, subpoenaing peoples’ records.

Those are real constitutionally suspect actions by a person not empowered to do so.

Fitton asks, “How does that work constitutionally?” It is a constitutionally compromised investigation, he concludes.

The outgoing FBI Director James Comey potentially committed a crime in order to get his buddy Robert Mueller appointed as Special Counsel, he added.

They have 15 lawyers investigating the President and it’s likely no investigation has that number of people working on it. And it’s not subject to any oversight. This is Deep State out of control.

It needs to be clipped or shut down. “Let’s not pretend this isn’t a significant crisis. This gang is trying to put the President and his family in jail. Why else would they expand an investigation in such a radical way,” Fitton said.

Fitton concluded the President has the right to comment and be angry.

While Mr. Fitton didn’t mention it, reports say the Mueller investigation will continue through 2018, during the election. That has always been a goal — affect the election outcome.

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