Mueller Hasn’t a Clue About What’s in His Report


Robert Mueller is clueless about what’s in his own report. He appears feeble and is being fed questions by Democrats. There is something wrong with Mueller but all we need to know is he’s out of it.

Democrats are behaving as if Trump is guilty of crimes and the only reason Mueller didn’t charge him is because he is the President. However, the truth keeps coming out that Trump did not commit crimes.

Mueller was clearly just a figurehead for this probe. The probe was run by his Trump haters.

The seemingly not-all-there Mueller chooses what questions he will answer.

Mueller keeps lying, trying to leave the impression that he would have charged Trump were it not for the OLC rules.

Mueller has repeatedly said the opposite prior to today. Mueller issued a joint statement on May 30th with Attorney General Bill Barr admitting he was not saying he would have charged Trump were it not for the guidelines. The important line was,“he was not saying that, but for the OLC opinion, he would have found the President obstructed justice.”

Mueller couldn’t even answer questions on Russian meddling today.

The Mueller investigators completely ignored the Fusion GPS involvement in the fake dossier. Mueller knows nothing about it, except when it suits him. Actually, he really seemed to know nothing.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo, a former prosecutor, questioned Mueller, focusing on the issue of obstruction of justice.

Speaking of fair treatment and citing Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland to say a prosecutor can strike hard blows, but is not at liberty to strike foul ones, Buck noted the ten points Mueller laid out in his report where Trump may have obstructed justice and said that by not reaching a conclusion on their merits, “You unfairly shifted the burden of proof to the president, forcing him to prove his innocence.”

“I’ve never heard of a prosecutor declining a case and then holding a press conference to talk about the defendant,” Buck then said, referencing the press conference Mueller held last month. The Republican lawmaker criticized Mueller for disregarding his legal duty to either prosecute or decline charges.

He questioned the statutes the special counsel used to support the ten instances.

“The ethical rules require that a prosecutor have a reasonable probability of conviction to bring a charge, is that correct?” Buck asked.

Mueller replied that this was generally accurate.

Rep. Gaetz pointed to an important fact, Mueller’s team pledged to get the President.

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