Mueller Might Delay Obstruction of Justice Even After a Decision Is Made


Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russian election interference may hold off on the obstruction of justice portion as he looks into other components like collusion, according to a Bloomberg.

Citing both former [that means Obama peeps] and current officials [probably Obama embeds], Robert Mueller could decide that filing charges related to the obstruction could cause witnesses to become “less cooperative.”

Bloomberg said the obstruction part of the investigation will probably be finished following interviews with President Trump and his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

More likely, it’s to drag it out through the election.

The question of whether Trump will sit for an interview with Mueller has been speculated on for months. It is still unclear how that will be decided.


A delay would let Mueller wrap up less explosive portions of the probe and hold off on possibly more explosive findings. The team thinks a decision would possibly undercut other parts of the investigation.

The investigation has gone into the weeds: from Seychelles to the Miss Universe contest in Moscow, from the Trump Jr. Tower meeting to the firing of Comey.

Bloomberg reported that Mueller has interviewed more than four dozen White House and campaign aides. He has requested more than 1.4 million pages of documents, according to Trump’s lawyers.

Specifically, Mueller’s looking at the firing of Comey; the drafting of a misleading statement about the purpose of a June 2016 meeting between Don Jr., Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and a group of Russians at Trump Tower; and the disclosure that Trump considered firing Mueller last June.

They are also investigating a meeting at Mar-e-Lago immediately before Comey was fired. Additionally, Mueller’s left-wing team is exploring a meeting in Seychelles with Erik Prince who is very annoyed by it. He says the real issue is the illegal unmasking.

The witch hunt will continue!



  1. Mueller asked Nunberg if anyone in the office spoke Russian. He also asked why Trump allowed Putin to engage in Syria, as if Nunberg had some role in the Administration. This really qualifies as a fishing expedition.

  2. Is this why Mueller is dropping the Obstruction angle: It is being reported that Mueller is going after “conspiracy to defraud the government” which is a wide net indeed. Essentially, if Any person takes part in the Russian Conspiracy they can be guilty and brought into this charge. This could very well include the Grandmother that CNN exposed. It’s doubtful they would charge Her but she would be complicit in this new front that Mueller is taking. The involvement of the Kremlin would need not be involved, but could directly affect Don Jr. because he sought “information”. This broad and vague Statute could actually be applied to nearly anyone who speaks out Against the Government.

    Those who are DIRECTLY involved should be the ones charged, for example the Entire Clinton campagin, the Law Firm, Fusion GPS, members of the FBI, DOJ, State and Democrat Party leaders. But considering the overwhelming representation of Democrats among Mueller’s team no one believes any of the above will ever be charged. In fact Mueller, himself,, SHOULD be indicted with this very Statue by his Uranium One involvement. That is “defrauding the US” in the extreme. We already know of the “Conspiracy” in that deal.

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