Mueller Mulling a Subpoena to Force President Trump to Testify


Allegedly, Robert Mueller is considering subpeonaing Donald Trump to at least one meeting with his lawyers present. In meetings like that, the lawyers are generally not allowed to say anything.

Mueller floated the possibility of subpoenaing Trump to testify before a grand jury if he refused to sit down for an interview with the special counsel, The Washington Post first reported on Tuesday, citing four ANONYMOUS people familiar with the encounter.


The leaks and the anonymous sourcing for all these anti-Trump assaults gives a clear picture of how low we have sunk. We are heading for Banana Republic status.

The exchange about a subpoena between special counsel investigators and Trump’s lawyers, which took place in early March according to the Post, prompted Trump’s then-lawyer John Dowd to respond, “This isn’t some game.”

Who knows what is going on. Maybe Dowd is the leaker here.

An idiot former aide to Mueller said he could tell Trump was the actual leaker of the Mueller questions because of the grammatical errors.

That statement came from Michael Zeldin who is currently a CNN analyst — no surprises there. Does this fool honestly think President Trump sat there and wrote out the questions?

For those who don’t know, the Mueller questions are the 44 open-ended questions Mueller and his team plan to ask the President to determine his motives on a range of issues, including the firing of the incompetent Jim Comey.

There is a good article on what an investigatory train wreck this is at National Review Online. It’s written by Victor Davis Hanson.

The picayune standards they are using against General Flynn and the President do not apply to real liars like McCabe, like Comey as Hanson points out more eloquently than me.

You can read the full list of questions at Fox News so you don’t have to give the New York Times a click. They all go to intent — thought crimes — in an effort to charge obstruction of justice.

Questions include: “What is your reaction to press accounts Jan. 12, 2017, Feb. 8-9 2017?” and “What did you think and what did you know regarding Sally Yates’ meetings on Jan 26-27 regarding Gen. Flynn?”

Another: “What did you think and what did you do about the Comey June 8, 2017 testimony regarding Gen. Flynn?”

It’s none of his business what the President thought.



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